Impact Hub Singapore Increases Sales Revenue by 400%

Singapore startup, Impact Hub serves the city’s flourishing community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies through a unique co-working space located in the heart of the art and design precinct. Following the early success of the co-working space, Impact Hub quickly expanded its offerings to include mentorship, workshops and events as well as networking and innovation labs. Impact Hub Singapore identified the need for a complete marketing and sales solution that would scale with their growing business early in their journey. They chose HubSpot in order to optimize their customer close rate by improving marketing and sales alignment.


increase in revenue month-on-month


increase in organic traffic within first 7 months


conversion rate from social media

About Impact Hub Singapore

Impact Hub is Singapore’s largest community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies. We are a co-working space and community located in the heart of Singapore's museum, arts and design precinct. Whether you are an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, techie, designer, creative, corporate professional, freelancer, student or in the midst of a career change – join our collaborative community as we prototype the future of business, technology and society.

A Marketing Blind Spot Prevents Revenue Forecasting

When Itai Boubil joined Impact Hub Singapore as CMO in 2014, there was no closed-loop marketing system in place. The marketing team was generating significant interest through various marketing initiatives -- from social media to email marketing -- but was using several disparate systems. This fragmented approach to marketing created a blind spot in Impact Hub’s reporting. “We couldn’t see where our best fit customers were coming from and what their journey looked like. We didn’t know how we were closing customers.” The lack of visibility left Itai unable to forecast revenue.

“The goal was to connect the sales activities and the marketing activities,” says Ruben Hamilius, Impact Hub Singapore’s head of marketing and champion of internal marketing and sales alignment. Ruben wanted to close the loop with data and provide the sales team with information on the prospects to whom they were selling and in turn, give the marketing team valuable feedback on resulting conversion rates.

Before joining Impact Hub Singapore, Itai had used a number of marketing automation systems including HubSpot, which he discovered whilst researching inbound marketing. Inbound fascinated Itai, who had studied marketing at university. “I never believed in outbound. I always thought that this ‘push’ type of marketing was the wrong way to go, and when HubSpot started the inbound movement, I thought, ‘wow.’” Itai jokes that the other marketing tools he had used previously had aged him by ten years!

Having seen the results inbound and HubSpot could deliver, he knew he had to bring HubSpot to Impact Hub Singapore, and then to the wider Impact Global company. He even went as far as incorporating it into his employment agreement when he joined.

"These are the insights you get when you use the tool, and for me, it was an eye-opener. It shows you a picture you did not see before."

Itai Boubil


Impact Hub

Connecting the Dots with an All-in-One Approach

Once Impact Hub Singapore bought HubSpot Marketing and Sales, the first task was to bring all of the disparate platforms into one system. By switching to HubSpot for social, email, SEO and CRM, the team could see the full funnel for the first time ever.

With data pouring into one place, the marketing team could see exactly where the sales were coming from and began to pivot their strategy as a result. Itai describes the process as eye-opening. Insight after insight emerged, revealing that leads from social were the most likely to close. Subsequently, Itai and his team adapted their persona strategy. “These are the insights you get when you use the tool, and for me, it was an eye-opener,” he recalls. “It shows you a picture you did not see before.”

Improving Sales with Marketing and Sales Alignment

Ruben concludes that the handoff from marketing to sales has drastically improved. Previously, the sales team had to talk to far more people and spend time qualifying each one, all without insight into their previous interaction with the brand. Now, with HubSpot’s Lead Management and Workflows App, leads are now pre-qualified by marketing and the sales team has a clear picture of each prospect allowing them to target higher quality leads at a faster rate. As a result, after using HubSpot for six months, sales revenue increased by 400% month on month.

Ruben credits the Workflows App, one of his favourite features, for not only improving the handoff of leads to sales, but also increasing his team's overall efficiency. The Workflows tool allows marketing to fully automate manual tasks with advanced branching logic. With HubSpot taking care of confirmation emails and lead nurturing campaigns, Ruben’s team can invest more time into reporting and refining its strategy, dramatically improving the relationship between marketing and sales.

Continuous Growth with HubSpot

Both Ruben and Itai have been impressed with the level of support they have received from HubSpot since day one. Impact Hub Company is scaling globally and is excited at the future possibility to launch HubSpot to each of its local Hubs, which span five continents.

Impact Hub Singapore has been an incredible Singaporean startup success story. When asked what advice he would give to other startups, Ruben recommends taking the free HubSpot Inbound Certification. “It teaches you the A-Z of everything you need to know to be set up for success.”

"The CRM is just awesome. We can do revenue projections which really enables us to close the loop between marketing and sales activities."

Ruben Hamilius

Head of Marketing

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