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Inbound Group was founded by Tor Magnus Kolflaath, whose vision was to bring the inbound methodology to Norway. Tor had spent 16 years working in a web agency, where he had been frustrated by the effectiveness of online advertising. He began to use inbound tactics instead, and the success he achieved fuelled his desire to do even more. He discovered the HubSpot software and decided to start up a new agency based around it. Since then, Inbound Group has grown from two employees to 20, and today, 90% of its leads come through inbound and 100% of its clients are on retainer.


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As its name suggests, Inbound Group is a marketing agency that is 100% committed to the inbound methodology. Founded in 2015 in Norway, it uses the HubSpot software to help its SMB client to optimise their websites and get more traffic, leads and customers.

Embracing Inbound From the Start

In 1999, at the age of just 20, Tor Magnus Kolflaath started Idium, which grew to become Norway’s largest web agency. Tor took on multiple roles, including marketing manager, but he found that the traditional methods he was using had lost their bite.

“I was charged with generating leads for 30 sales reps, and I was using Google AdWords and online advertising to do it. However, it was difficult to tell what was working and what wasn’t; I wanted to start attracting people in a smarter way. I began blogging, producing articles, organising breakfast seminars – you could say that I came to the inbound methodology organically.”

After seeing an uptick in results, Tor continued to research the inbound methodology, which is how he discovered marketing automation.

“I saw how it could save us time and help us get to know our leads more deeply, so I began looking at software providers, including Marketo and HubSpot. I found the HubSpot Marketing Platform vastly superior in terms of usability. HubSpot also had a more holistic approach; its software is backed by a clear methodology and set of best practices. I felt that the team was truly interested in helping me to achieve my goals.”

Idium started using the HubSpot Marketing Platform, and within a year, the company increased its leads from 400 to 4,000. Tor knew that this was something that was too good to keep to himself.

“I thought, this is huge, but there are so many companies in Norway who should all be doing this too! Instead of trying to transform a big agency, I decided to start a new one that was 100% focused on inbound and HubSpot. I founded Inbound Group in 2015, and we immediately signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program.”

"We knew that HubSpot Partner Program, with all its support and training, offered our new agency the best possible path to inbound success."

Tor Magnus Kolflaath


Inbound Group

Building Client Confidence With the Growth Stack

Since day one, Inbound Group has used the HubSpot growth stack – the combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software on its own website.

“We’re an agency dedicated to inbound, so that was an obvious choice,” explains Tor. “We started by defining our personas – we target SMBs that want to grow but that don’t have a dedicated marketing department.”

Today, its website is the essence of inbound in action. It has an active, popular blog and attractive content offers, and visitors are encouraged to engage and download through Calls-to-Action and Forms.

“We grew our Contacts Database quickly, and we manage them all through the HubSpot CRM. It is most easy-to-use CRM system I ever tried. It gives us a complete view on our leads, from their company information to every interaction that we’ve had with them. Then, with Sales Pro, I can reach out to them with Messages and automated emails.”

Tor says that interest in the inbound methodology is growing in Norway, and the agency already has 20 clients using the HubSpot software.

“The secret of our success is our complete focus on inbound and on HubSpot. We’ve had potential clients who were interested in working with us, but they wanted us to use another marketing automation tool. We had to turn them away, because we are so convinced that HubSpot is the best platform. It allows us to prove to clients that they are getting a return on their investment with us. That’s a huge advantage, especially for smaller companies that weren’t seeing any marketing results before. It makes them more willing to sign up for longer and larger contracts.”

"Partnering with HubSpot was our plan from the start, and we’ve never regretted that decision."

- Tor Magnus Kolflaath

Rapid, Remarkable Results

Inbound Group is accomplishing great things as a HubSpot Partner. 90% of its customers come through inbound and 100% of them are on retainer contracts. It gets 4000 website visitors and 200 new leads every month, and it has already reached Platinum Tier Partner level.

“We’re growing at an amazing rate,” says Tor. “In 2016, we had a staff of just four. Now we have 20 employees and we’ve increased client numbers by 5X in 12 months. Revenue has increased dramatically compared to this time last year.”

The agency’s clients are also seeing improvements to their traffic, leads and revenue.

“Our customers are all really happy with the results that we get for them, especially when we exceed their expectations. We’re working with a few companies that have achieved a tremendous growth in income within their first year of working with us, which is really satisfying.”

Inbound Group is going to grow its business in Norway over the next year, and it plans to have 35 clients on the HubSpot software by summer 2018.

“After that, we’re going to look further afield. Our ambition is to become the leading inbound agency in Europe, and our partnership with HubSpot is going to help us to do it.”

"We’re the fastest growing agency in Norway at the moment and that’s thanks to HubSpot."

- Tor Magnus Kolflaath

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