InboundLead Builds a Repeatable Business As a HubSpot Partner

InboundLead was founded in 2016 with one main goal – help clients to transform their marketing and sales using the inbound methodology. It realised that an all-in-one marketing automation solution would be key to its success, and as a startup, it wanted to partner with a company that offered ongoing training, development and support. The HubSpot Partner Program was the perfect fit. Today, InboundLead generates 100 high-qualified leads per month, and all its clients are on retainer contracts.


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InboundLead is a Spanish agency that transforms its clients’ marketing and sales activities by using the inbound methodology. A HubSpot Partner from day one, it targets Fintech and Law Firms companies and helps them to increase their visitors, leads and sales.

Spreading the Inbound Message in Spain

Borja Prieto Bustamante, Almudena Colmenar Nuñez and Juan Dopico Aneiros founded InboundLead in 2016, with the goal of bringing the inbound methodology to clients in the FinTech and legal industries.

“In our other roles, we had tried to find agencies to help us implement inbound marketing, but it wasn’t a service that was widely available. A lot offered a lesser version, but they used point solutions and seemed to focus more on their needs than ours. We identified that this was a gap in the Spanish market that we could fill as a HubSpot Partner,” explains Almudena, the agency’s CEO & Inbound Sales Specialist.

They knew that going all-in with inbound would take work, and as newcomers, they would also need help. InboundLead decided to partner with a company that could offer a powerful automation solution, but also high levels of support.

“We did a lot of research, and all roads led to HubSpot,” says Borja, InboundLead’s CMO. “The software would allow us to get all our online activities working together and also prove their worth. The support and training on offer were second to none, and that was really important for us.”

The founders were convinced that the HubSpot Partner Program was the best way for them to grow their fledgling agency and signed on the dotted line in 2016.

"We didn’t have an inbound marketing background, so we knew that we would need a lot of help. When we met with HubSpot, we found the missing piece of the puzzle."

Almudena Colmenar Nuñez

CEO & Inbound Sales Specialist


Attracting and Convincing Clients

InboundLead wanted its website to be a showcase of all that inbound can do, and turned to the HubSpot support team to help it make that a reality.

“The dedicated support we receive is the most valuable thing for us. It helped us to pin down our strategy and turn our site that is a well-oiled inbound machine. We also attended INBOUND 2016 in Boston, and that gave us some great insights into how to develop our strategy going forward,” says Almudena.

The agency defined personas for the legal and FinTech clients it wanted to attract and started offering them targeted content, including ebooks on Landing Pages and a regularly updated Blog. It uses the Social Inbox to promote its offerings across social media and Workflows to move visitors through the funnel.

InboundLead uses the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software. The CRM gives it a clear view on a prospect’s journey with the company, while the Sales software allows it to automate and accelerate its follow-ups. It is an approach that works. Within weeks, leads started to flow in, and the agency closed its first inbound clients. According to Borja:

“Once we get our clients onboard with the HubSpot software, we have the springboard we need to help them succeed. Many of them are surprised by how quickly they see results!”

With the Marketing Analytics Dashboard, they can show their customers the impact of every marketing move they make. This proof of ROI is a powerful motivator – clients are signing up for more lucrative and longer contracts, boosting the agency’s bottom line.  

"The HubSpot software has everything we need to create, launch and optimise inbound campaigns for our clients. It’s the complete package."

Borja Prieto Bustamante



A Partnership That Produces Results

Since joining the HubSpot Partner Program, InboundLead has achieved some remarkable results and has already reached Silver Tier Partner status. It is generating 100 leads and one new customer per month, and all its clients are on retainer contracts.

“Our customers are seeing great gains as well. Typically, they double their website traffic within three months of working with us and their leads increase by a similar amount. We have also introduced some of our clients to the HubSpot growth stack, and that’s helped them to align their sales and marketing processes and close more deals,” says Almudena.

Borja is confident that InboundLead can double its team by the end of the year, and the agency also has big plans for longer term growth.

“In five years’ time, InboundLead will be the go-to agency in Spain for legal and FinTech clients. There is a huge gap in the market – virtually no-one in the legal industry is using inbound marketing. With the help of the HubSpot Partner Program, we’re going to change that picture.”

"The HubSpot Partner Program has really paid off as an investment; it’s helping us build a successful, repeatable and predictable business."

- Almudena Colmenar Nuñez

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