Inflexion-Point Acquires 50% of New Customers Using Inbound Marketing

Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners had a website that was completely controlled by a web design agency. Not only did this pull from their budget, but Inflexion-Point had no control over any changes that they needed to make. It was time for them to take control of their online presence and use it to start generating leads.


increase in monthly organic web traffic


of customers coming from inbound marketing


conversion rate on landing pages

Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners Team

About Inflexion-Point

Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners is a B2B sales and marketing performance improvement company based in the UK.

Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners is a B2B sales and marketing performance improvement company based in the UK. We recently caught up with Managing Director Bob Apollo to learn more about how Inflexion-Point has generated 50% of its new customers with inbound marketing and HubSpot.

Industry: Business Services | Size: 6 Employees
Tenure: 2.5 Years on HubSpot Small

Challenge: Taking Control of Website & Online Presence

Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point

Solution: HubSpot CMS & Marketing Analytics

Bob loves how much easier and more quickly he and his team are able to update the content on the Inflexion-Point website, relying on the simplicity and ease-of-use of HubSpot's Content Management System (CMS) and Landing Pages to launch new marketing campaigns in a short amount of time.

Bob and his team also derive a lot of value from HubSpot's integrated marketing tools, which enable them to monitor the return on investment of specific campaigns by using HubSpot's Marketing Analytics to manage leads and track lead sources and traffic all on one platform.

"Because we're able to better analyze what works and what doesn't," says Bob, "then of course we can reinforce the positive and look at the reasons why perhaps other activities or campaigns aren't as effective and take remedial action."

Results: Growth in Traffic, Leads & Customers

Since using HubSpot, Inflexion-Point has experienced tremendous success in terms of traffic, leads, and customers, particularly in the past year. Most notably, the company has:

  • Attributed more than half of customers acquired in 2011 to inbound marketing efforts
  • Experienced a 5-fold increase in monthly organic traffic and organic leads since February 2010
  • Achieved a 31% overall conversion rate on all website landing pages
inflexion organic search traffic resized 600

"If I look at the new customers we've won this year," says Bob, "more than half of them can be attributed to the inbound marketing efforts that HubSpot has helped us put into place."

"It's helping us to reach people that we didn't have a direct reference connection with previously."

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