InnerDrive Moves Into the Fast Lane and Increases Revenue With HubSpot

In 2016, mental skills training company InnerDrive realised that its marketplace had changed. Lots of rival providers had emerged and cold calling clients was no longer as effective as it had been. Founder Edward Watson knew that harnessing the online audience would be key to the company’s success, and he chose the HubSpot software to make it happen. Since signing up, InnerDrive has increased its leads by 2X and boosted its revenue by 20%.


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic


Founded in 2008, InnerDrive is a mental skills training company that helps people develop a growth mindset, improve their motivation and boost their confidence. It offers workshops, blogs and practical resources in the areas of performance psychology, sports psychology and neuroscience. InnerDrive started off working with elite athletes, including Premiership footballers and Olympians, but it has since expanded into schools and businesses. Last year, its coaches helped over 25,000 students, teachers and parents.

A New Direction in a Changed Marketplace

InnerDrive runs workshops that teach people how to develop a growth mindset and perform under pressure. It started life helping elite athletes, but by 2016, it had expanded its client base to include businesses and schools.

“We had a WordPress website and a blog, and were using social media. We also had point solutions, like Yoast for SEO, but it wasn’t integrated. Our main way of generating leads was through cold calling. It had worked quite well, but then our marketplace changed dramatically within a couple of months. There were new players emerging on the scene, who weren’t offering the same quality of service that we were, and that made prospects less likely to engage with us on the phone,” explains InnerDrive founder Edward Watson.

Edward was actually searching for a new, more cost-effective CRM when he discovered the HubSpot software.

“The HubSpot CRM attracted us first of all, but then I started to find out more about the HubSpot Marketing Platform and the inbound marketing methodology. I was sceptical at first, but I knew that a radical change was needed. Our goal was to acquire more customers, and to do that, we would have to increase websites traffic and ramp up our lead generation efforts.

After chatting with a HubSpot representative, he decided to take the plunge and sign up.

“We talked about how the HubSpot Marketing Platform could help us to turn our website into a lead-generating machine, which was a very attractive proposition. As well as that, we’d be able to jettison our existing CRM and start using the free HubSpot CRM, which would save us money.”

"Our marketplace had changed, and HubSpot was offering us a way to stay ahead of the competition and grow our business."

Edward Watson


From Cold Calling to Warm Leads

The HubSpot team helped InnerDrive to get up and running with the HubSpot software and also offered advice on how to succeed with inbound.

“We had somebody walk us through what could and couldn’t be done, which was exceptionally beneficial. It allowed us to set up the software in a way that was not only effective, but easy to use. Our HubSpot customer success manager was fantastic as well. In the beginning, they introduced us to new concepts, and they are still helping us to pursue a strategy of continual growth.”

InnerDrive now has a library of downloadable resources on its website, including infographics, posters, videos and guides, and an active blog that it promotes via the Social Inbox

“We use Forms to great effect. We have one that acts as a gatekeeper to our content and visitors have to fill it out before they gain access. Those Contacts are then seamlessly added to the HubSpot CRM, and we begin the process of email nurturing, tailoring our communications to what each lead is interested in.”

The company can track what’s working – and what isn’t – with HubSpot Marketing Analytics, and it uses lead scoring to gauge when its prospects are ready for a sales call. 

“We only call leads when they are highly qualified, and using data from HubSpot we can really tailor those discussions and add value.”

"The HubSpot software is easy to use – it surpassed our initial expectations and helping us do much more with less."

- Edward Watson

Revved Up Results

InnerDrive has completely changed the way it markets since signing up with HubSpot. Cold calling is a thing of the past; the company’s emphasis is now on establishing its expertise and proving that it understands its customers. 

“Our new approach is paying dividends. Website visitors are up by 2X and our leads have increased by 2X too. As we only call warm prospects, we are closing more deals – our revenue has risen by 20%.”

Looking ahead, InnerDrive is on a mission to grow its business and increase its customer base.

“HubSpot is going to help us do it. From the support we get from our customer service manager to the software itself, it’s a great package. At the end of the day, it helps us generate more sales and succeed as a business.”

"The HubSpot software has helped us position ourselves as the go-to provider in our field."

- Edward Watson

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