Innovative Marketing Resources Becomes HubSpot Agency Partner and sees 5000% ROI

Innovative Marketing Resources use to aid clients with outbound marketing tactics like print ads and direct mail. As the economy dipped in 2008, outbound marketing stopped working. The agency had to change.


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About IMR

Innovative Marketing Resources is a certified HubSpot Partner Agency specializing in inbound marketing.

About Innovative Marketing Resources

Innovative Marketing Resources began 18 years ago as a traditional letter shop. The business grew in response to customer demand throughout the years to create a proprietary marketing automation platform. In 2009, they became a HubSpot customer and later became a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency in 2011. Today, they specialize in both inbound and outbound marketing and help their customers transition from traditional marketing programs to inbound centered marketing and marketing automation.


Before becoming a HubSpot customer, Innovative Marketing Resources had a traditional marketing business. They assisted their customers with outbound tactics such as print, kitting and direct mail. Their own website was simply an online brochure and wasn't a source of leads for the business. As the economy worsened in 2008, they couldn't find new leads or differentiate their business from other marketing agencies competing fiercely for limited clients. In order for their business to grow, they needed a drastic change. “We thought the value of our outbound marketing platform would differentiate our company and add stability. But as outbound marketing became less effective, what was previously unthinkable happened. The post office was struggling. Our customers were withholding budgets. We had to change. The roles within the company needed to change. They began using the HubSpot software- but at first just to make their website look more modern.

How could implementing a full-fledged inbound marketing program transform Innovative Marketing Resources?

Making their website look nicer was a good start, but there is much more to inbound marketing than that. Innovative Marketing Resources realized that at HubSpot's user conferencein 2011.

We went to the conference last year and it completely changed our business. As we were listening to Guy Kawasaki speak, the light bulb went on. We were doing everything wrong. At the time, we thought we were at the conference just for entertainment, but then we realized it was actually going to change our business completely.”

They came back from the conference a new VAR and signed up for HubSpot consulting immediately. Change couldn't come quickly enough and the weekly consulting sessions accelerated the tranformation and taught Innovative Marketing Resources the best practices of inbound marketing. They added CTAs and landing pages so their website could be used for lead generation and started the Innovative Marketer's Blog to share the power of inbound marketing.

Driving Traffic to Their Website and Generating Leads

Since 2009, Innovative Marketing Resources’ website traffic has increased by 680%. Through using the HubSpot software’s Blogging Platform, they could attract leads to their website with valuable content. In the past eight months, their blog subscribers have increased by 100%. Using social media has also helped to drive traffic to their website. Social Media Analytics allows Innovative Marketing Resources to see the tangible lead results that social media produces. In the past month, their social media reach has grown by 42%.

By optimizing their website to create a lead generating machine and using blogging and social media, Innovative Marketing Resources has successfully transformed its online presence and its business.

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Using Marketing Analytics to Track the Effectiveness of Their Marketing

“One of our favorite features is the conversion assist report. It demonstrates how different pieces of content are driving our business growth. Our customers like to hear that! We used to send out 100,000 postcards and were lucky if we got 100 back. Now every morning we wake up and see where are our new leads are coming from.”

The Conversion Assist Report identifies their most influential website pages and interactions:

Conversion Assists IMR

“Marketing turned from being mystical and magical to measurable and predictable. Inbound marketing can make sense to anyone.”

Marketing Analytics allows Innovative Marketing Resources to see how their leads first found them, the critical touchpoints that led to conversions, and which marketing campaigns are generating the most sales.

“We added 6 new people in 9 months in a down economy. We wouldn’t have even been able to think of that before starting with the HubSpot software.”

“Our ROI would sound silly because it’s so huge. Actually a 5000% ROI isn’t just huge. It’s a game changer.”

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