Kantox Uses HubSpot to Transform Its Leads Generation

Kantox offers online solutions for currency exchange management for small caps and mid caps. Kantox built a marketplace based on a matching engine that allows customers to directly exchange currencies between them at mid-market rates. They bypass traditional banking intermediaries and avoid significant exchange commissions. Kantox previously used outbound marketing tactics, but found the lead quality was low and the cost was increasing. In 2013 it fully embraced inbound marketing and partnered with HubSpot. Today, half of its leads come through the HubSpot Marketing Platform.


Leads come from inbound marketing


Increase in leads each month


Increase in website traffic

Kantox Team

About Kantox

Kantox is a multinational FinTech company offering FX management solutions. Their expertise and products allow their customers – global business - to manage their currency exposure, build hedging strategies, automate FX transactions and process international payments in a smart way.

Old-School Marketing Sent to Back of the Class

Founded in 2011, Kantox provides an innovative financial exchange solution that has changed the way its clients do business. As the company grew quickly, it needed its marketing strategy to evolve at the same pace.

By 2013, Kantox was still relying heavily on outbound marketing – making contacts at networking events and using databases to cold-call leads. According to Natalia Bandach, product marketing manager at Kantox, “Back then, we were doing very little in the way of inbound marketing. We used MailChimp to manage emails, so we knew if mails were opened, but we couldn’t evaluate or nurture those leads in an organised way.”

Kantox had just launched a series of new products, improved its online platform and had put more content – whitepapers and articles – onto its website. It had all the elements for success in place. Now it needed a comprehensive inbound solution to help it generate leads and increase sales.

It started the process by hiring an inbound marketing specialist. She had achieved great results with the HubSpot Marketing Platform in her previous job and recommended that the company adopt it.

“We were still in the startup stage,” says Marek Fodor, chairman of Kantox, “so our decision-making was – and still is – fast. After analysing several alternatives and getting feedback from other companies using different platforms, we made the decision to choose HubSpot.”

"We now have greater insight into our leads and we use that information to have our pitch ready to go. This added context is really powerful for our sales team."

Natalia Bandach

Product Marketing Manager


Making it Personal with HubSpot

One of the first priorities was to improve the way leads were captured and nurtured. To do this, Kantox used the HubSpot Marketing Platform to create personas for its different visitor types. It set up three: the CEO of a startup or small company, the CFO of a medium-sized company and the company treasurer.

Each of these visitors has very different needs and daily routines, explains Natalia. With personas, Kantox was able to observe their behaviour patterns and then use the Workflows App to adjust the content they would see and the type of contact they would receive. “The flexibility of Workflows to schedule complex logic and to define behaviour-driven email campaigns is extremely valuable,” says Natalia.

Natalia is also a big fan of the Smart Forms App, which allows her to progressively profile leads. If Kantox already has captured basic information about a potential lead from a form, the next form that they see won’t ask the same questions again. Instead, they will be asked more targeted questions, tailored to their needs and their position in the marketing funnel. It’s a win-win situation: the visitor isn’t asked to repeat unnecessary information, while Kantox builds their profile in a non-intrusive way.

"We have become so much better at understanding our customers and their needs."

Marek Fodor



A Productive Partnership with a Bright Future

Kantox has achieved outstanding results since partnering with HubSpot. The number of leads Kantox generates is growing by up to 10% each month and half of these leads are coming from inbound marketing. In addition, year on year, traffic to the Kantox website has grown by 190%.

“We’re seeing impressive growth in terms of leads generated and the quality of leads is high,” says Natalia. “We can now give people the right content and have the right person get in touch at exactly the right moment. This is helping us make more sales and grow as a business," she adds.

Natalia plans to make more use of Smart Content and Smart CTAs within the Content Optimization System to further personalise the visitor’s journey. As well as this, she expects to delve into the marketing analytics available on the Dashboard more deeply.

“Our goal is to figure out the best way to get a visitor through the funnel and find out which metrics really show that a lead is sales ready. This is something we’re constantly testing.”

Kantox is currently using the Professional version of the HubSpot software, but Natalia says that they are considering moving to the Enterprise version to take advantage of features such as A/B testing and predictive lead scoring. Natalia envisions that the partnership between Kantox and HubSpot is one that will last long into the future – as she says herself, “it’s the hub of our success”.

"HubSpot is helping us generate leads and scale across countries. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them."

Natalia Bandach

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