Katalysator Boosts Revenue By 100% With HubSpot

Danish agency Katalysator was already helping its clients with their content marketing and by 2015, it was ready to go all in with the inbound marketing methodology. However, it needed a way to streamline and integrate its efforts and to prove that they produced concrete results. The agency joined the HubSpot Partner Program, and since then, it has increased its revenue by 100% and gets 80% of its clients through inbound.


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Katalysator Team


Founded in 2011, Danish agency Katalysator specialises in inbound marketing. As Denmark's only certified HubSpot Diamond Tier Partner, it helps B2B companies in the knowledge and technology spaces to achieve their growth ambitions. With Katalysator’s help, they turn visitors into loyal customers by inspiring, educating and guiding them with targeted content.

Changing Lanes to the Inbound Methodology

Katalysator was founded in 2011 as a PR and communications agency, catering to B2B companies in the knowledge and technology spaces. As the years progressed, it found that it was doing increasing amounts of content marketing work, but it wasn’t achieving the results it wanted, according to Jeppe Nyrup, co-founder and partner of the agency.

“We were delivering quality content but our customers were just saying, this is good, thanks for that. We couldn't get them excited because we couldn’t prove that our work was getting results. We needed a platform that would allow us to do inbound in a better way and show our clients a concrete return on their investment. We also thought that it could be a way for us to start signing up bigger companies and getting more retainer contracts.”

The HubSpot software was already on its radar but Katalysator wasn’t sure if its team of four was too small to benefit from it. Then, when it hired a new sales partner who had experience with the platform, it began to reconsider.

“In a previous role, he had done the groundwork on which marketing technology to choose, evaluating Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and the HubSpot software. He concluded that the HubSpot software was the best choice. The company created the inbound methodology, and it was breaking through in the Danish market. Also, the roadmap for its development was much more ambitious than any of the others.”

The agency began their due diligence and researched the platform in more depth, downloading content from the HubSpot website and reading case studies.

“That prompted a call from HubSpot. After discussions with its team, we were convinced that this was something that our clients – and our agency – could benefit from. We signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program in April 2015.”

"We were unsure if a small agency with big ambitions could benefit from the HubSpot Partner Program. It turned out we could."

Jeppe Nyrup

Co-Founder and Partner


The Floodgates Open

Katalysator wanted to show its clients that it practised what it preached as regards inbound and began using the HubSpot growth stack, a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software, on its own website. First, it created its personas.

“We have the Chief Marketing Officer of course, but I think our most important persona is the Chief Sales Officer. If we have the sales department on board, then it's much easier to close the client.”

It then optimised its content, creating a wealth of useful downloads accompanied by Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms that allow it to progressively gather information on its visitors. The agency quickly began to get more leads, says Jeppe.

“That was a positive thing, but we were nearly overwhelmed by the interest that we got! It meant that we didn’t have to concentrate on building up our sales pipeline, but that’s something that we’ve been doing more recently. We’re using the CRM to create Deal Stages, so we know exactly where we stand with every lead, we have a real strategy in place. Then, with HubSpot Sales, our sales team can follow up at just the right time.”

Within a couple of weeks, Katalysator had two clients on the HubSpot software and six weeks later, it became a Silver Tier Partner. It decided to become a completely inbound agency, even though that involved some hard choices, explains Jeppe.

“We saw that this could really be something great, and about a year ago, we made the decision to focus fully on inbound and retainerbased contracts. It was a strategic choice, and it’s one that has worked out for us.

“We’re proving our worth to our clients; we can show them the actual numbers of visitors and leads that we are generating through the Marketing Analytics Dashboard. We’re getting more clients, and they are signing up for more lucrative retainer contracts; they want us to continue doing what we’re doing.”

"By changing our business model to inbound, we’ve been able to achieve more for our clients and more for ourselves."

- Jeppe Nyrup

A Partnership That Keeps On Giving

Katalysator has certainly proved that partnering with HubSpot was the right choice. In 2015, it had four staff members; today, it has 13. It now gets 80% of its clients through the inbound method, it has increased its revenue by 100%, and it has become a Diamond Tier Partner.

“Our clients are seeing amazing results too. We have one that started with the HubSpot software in January. Before, it was getting 70,000 visitors to its website every month and converting just two a week. But once we set up conversion points and put up its first piece of premium content, that all changed. It converted almost 1,000 leads in its first month with us – that’s a 500X increase!”

Jeppe says that the goal for this year is to double the agency’s revenue and to employ five new staff members.

“The HubSpot Partnership is going to be a big part of our growth, this year and beyond. It’s the strongest platform in the marketplace. We are always recommending it if it is the right fit for the client. If not we are absolutely transparent and advising them to do something else, even if it means that we loose the revenue.”

"If your agency truly wants to do inbound successfully, then partnering with HubSpot is your best option."

- Jeppe Nyrup

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