E-Discovery Software Pioneer kCura Drives 47% Increase in Traffic with HubSpot

kCura, a Chicago-based pioneer of e-discovery software in the legal space, was using a variety of tools to manage their marketing campaigns before adopting HubSpot. Using disconnected tools made it difficult and time-consuming to analyze campaign performance and measure ROI of their efforts. The company replaced the majority of their marketing stack with HubSpot to gain a holistic understanding into the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, improve overall agility of the marketing team, and measure marketing ROI.


increase in instant blog subscribers


increase in traffic within one year

About kCura

Recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2015 E-Discovery Magic Quadrant, kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity has more than 130,000 active users in more than 40 countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the Am Law 200. kCura helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies—numbering more than 10,000 organizations—meet unstructured data challenges by installing Relativity on-premises and providing hosted, on-demand solutions through a global network of partners.

Disconnected Tools Waste Valuable Time

kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity has more than 130,000 active users in more than 40 countries from organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the Am Law 200.

As a rapidly growing software company, they adopted marketing, sales, and web tools early on, including, Salesforce CRM, Pardot, Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Wordpress.  As they grew, they soon realized that they needed a better solution for sales and marketing to manage and communicate with their leads and contacts. The inefficiencies of having multiple disparate tools were both overly time-consuming and expensive to maintain. "We had a lot of tools before HubSpot, it was very inefficient for our team without a central hub to report on our marketing metrics," recalls Nicole Trafton Sar, Digital Marketing Manager.

When the opportunity came up to evaluate other marketing software options, they jumped on it and soon chose HubSpot. “We chose HubSpot for its clean user-interface, ease of use and ability to have all our tools and marketing data live under one umbrella,” says Monique Mahler, Director of Digital Marketing.  

"We had a lot of tools before HubSpot, and it was very inefficient for our team without a central hub to report on our marketing metrics."

Nicole Trafton Sar

Digital Marketing Manager


Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

Their goals for getting started with HubSpot were twofold. First, they wanted a place to house their blog. kCura is on the leading edge of education and providing knowledge to their customers and readers is a primary goal for their marketing team. Their blog is a major hub for information and resources for customers and community who are interested in technology, research and e-discovery.

Prior to HubSpot, kCura hosted their blog on Wordpress, a popular free blog-hosting platform. Migrating onto HubSpot’s blog was quick and easy, as HubSpot helped the team replicate the look and stylization of the old blog for the new HubSpot-hosted blog. Using the Blogging app, they not only are able to create informative blog content, but with HubSpot’s built-in SEO optimization and blog post blueprints, they’re able to source new visitors from organic search instead of only direct traffic, helping them reach new audiences online.

Next, and equally important, the team wanted a solution to help surface customer and lead data quickly and easily for their services and account management teams. Previously, using Pardot and ExactTarget, these two systems did not sync and it was difficult for reps to understand how engaged or disengaged customers were with kCura’s marketing efforts online and with email.

They decided to build out HubSpot’s native integration with Salesforce to solve these and other related integration issues but knew they needed some additional assistance to do so given the complexity of their Salesforce CRM. kCura signed up for HubSpot’s Premier Services package, where they had helpful HubSpot consultants on-site for a hands-on session building out email templates, landing page templates, setting up their SFDC mappings and guiding them through some pretty specific nuances of their SFDC instance to ensure everything was mapped correctly.

"The integration between HubSpot and Salesforce was critical. We looked at other products and saw HubSpot had a better integration than any of them."

Nick Robertson

VP of Product & Marketing


Adopting Inbound Philosophy Internally

A key asset to their growth, specifically within the marketing team, was adopting of the inbound philosophy internally. Nicole shares, "Our marketing team has been growing a lot, so whenever we onboard a new team member it's become the standard to get them certified in inbound marketing and with HubSpot through HubSpot's Academy trainings. This lets us work a lot quicker and get a lot more done."

In addition to improving team agility, having their entire marketing team working inside of one platform has increased overall team effectiveness since every marketer can see what others are doing inside of HubSpot and collaborate together. "With HubSpot, different team members from Email, to Content, to Design are all inside of HubSpot doing work without the need for specialized training," says Nicole. 


"Ultimately like any other marketing organization we are working towards a very personal interaction with our customers. HubSpot helps us achieve that."

- Nick Robertson

Achieving New Heights and Looking Ahead

kCura is a company obsessed with analytics and now they have the metrics to show that the decision to take a more inbound marketing approach and use HubSpot has paid off.  Through hard work and dedication to fully leverage HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform, kCura has seen unprecedented results and the team is excited to see what lays ahead.

Since 2015, they have seen an 8.3X increase in instant blog subscribers, and a 47% increase in web traffic.

Most of all, kCura finds having an all-in-one marketing platform helps their marketers execute their digital campaigns more quickly. "Reporting is one of HubSpot's strong suits," says Nick Robertson, VP of Product and Marketing, "with the tools we've used in the past I would ask the team a question and it would take them a few days but after we moved to HubSpot, I can just look at my phone now and in a matter of minutes I can see the effectiveness of a particular post in real time."

"We pride ourselves on our culture here at kCura. We work with a lot of collaborative, dedicated people, and our experience at HubSpot has felt like an extension of that," says Nicole. 

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