Landscape Leadership Leverages HubSpot Partnership to Increase Retainer Clients by 10X

Chris Heiler, President and Founder of Landscape Leadership, was a green industry social media consultant and speaker who developed social media strategies and training programs for clients like landscaping and lawn care service companies and retailers such as garden centers. He was looking for a repeatable business strategy and technology to package his services and deliver them in a structured way that proved ROI. He found the solution in HubSpot's inbound marketing methodology and software, and decided to re-brand himself and his company as a green industry inbound marketing agency.


Increase in Monthly Traffic in 2 Yrs


Increase in Leads in 2 Yrs


Increase in Retainer Clients in 2 Yrs

About Landscape Leadership

Landscape Leadership is an inbound marketing agency for green industry companies offering website design and development, content marketing, search engine optimization services and social media management. They assist landscaping and lawn care companies across North America.

Landscape Leadership Looks for Solution to Grow Its Business

Chris Heiler, Landscape Leadership’s President and Founder, understood the value of top of the funnel marketing activities, so he focused initial marketing efforts on social media and blogging.  But he was unable to measure the impact these marketing efforts had on Landscape Leadership’s bottom line because he was using many separate tools. He wanted all-in-one marketing software to help implement his strategy, track his marketing efforts, and prove ROI. 

Heiler also saw an opportunity for his blogging and social media activities to fit into a greater inbound marketing strategy, but he did not know how to design his business around this strategy. Landscaping was Heiler’s background and expertise, but he did not know how to package his services in a way that would reliably grow his business.

Partnering with HubSpot offered a solution to both his inbound marketing software and business strategy needs.

"Training was awesome and really got me going FAST. Support has been huge for us. We know we can rely on HubSpot for all technical stuff. Everyone we've worked with has been incredible"

Chris Heiler

President and Founder

Landscape Leadership

Landscape Leadership Builds Partnership with HubSpot

HubSpot’s training has proved invaluable to Heiler, helping Landscape Leadership build not just a marketing process, but also a sales strategy to align with it. “I love HubSpot support.  I love the fact they’re all real people. Easy to reach out to.  Very accessible.  No other companies give that kind of support,” says Heiler.  As a HubSpot Partner, Landscape Leadership enjoys a full suite of training and one-on-one consulting with HubSpot’s inbound marketing specialists, including business plan advice.

Becoming a HubSpot Partner transformed Heiler’s business. Heiler has expanded his service offerings beyond social media and blogging to help clients implement a full inbound marketing strategy.  Today, all of Landscape Leadership’s clients have a HubSpot license.  And while some clients are hands-on with the software, Landscape Leadership typically manages everything.  This new business model has helped Heiler to expand his retainer client base and reliably grow his business.

Further, since implementing HubSpot’s marketing software to run its own business, Landscape Leadership has better insight into its own marketing efforts.  Heiler uses HubSpot’s Lead Management tools to efficiently manage his pipeline and HubSpot’s Analytics tools daily to understand how successful his marketing efforts are by channel, and where he should prioritize future efforts.

"We now have analytics and reporting that really make it clear where we should be spending our time and what we should prioritize. Everything we do is tied together now into a single software solution"

Chris Heiler

President and Founder

Landscape Leadership

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