LEAD Innovation Transforms Its Lead Generation with HubSpot

LEAD Innovation provides innovation management services for companies, helping them with everything from product development to market launch. But after more than a decade in the business, its marketing strategy needed a rethink. It was relying heavily on outbound activities, such as cold calling, and it wasn’t getting the quality or quantity of leads it needed. It teamed up with Take Off PR, who introduced it to both the inbound methodology and the HubSpot software. Since then, it has seen a 4X increase in organic traffic and is getting 120+ leads a month through its website.


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LEAD Innovation Team


Founded in 2003 in Vienna, Austria, LEAD Innovation is a provider and pioneer in the sector of innovation management. Its supports its clients throughout the entire product development process, from the formation of an idea through to innovation assessment and market launch. With its experienced innovation team, LEAD provides its services to a range of companies, from SMEs to enterprise-level businesses.

Getting Innovative With Inbound

By 2015, Austrian-based LEAD Innovation had realised that its marketing strategy needed an overhaul. After all, it was a trailblazer in the field of innovation management – it knew that embracing new and exciting ideas was critical for business success.

However, it was relying heavily on outbound activities, such as cold calling, and was only doing a limited amount of content marketing through its blog and a newsletter.

According to Angela Hengsberger, head of business development with LEAD, “We needed to find a way to get more traffic, leads and customers. We teamed up with Martin Bredl from Take Off PR, who introduced us to the inbound methodology and the HubSpot Marketing Platform. He showed us how it could help us reduce our sales cycle and get more clients. After that, it really was an easy decision. We compared it with Eloqua and Marketo, but ultimately the HubSpot software was the best fit for us.”

Angela says that the fact that the HubSpot Marketing Platform was an all-in-one solution was a major contributor to LEAD signing on the dotted line. Before partnering with HubSpot, it had no way to automate any of its marketing activities. Its website wasn’t easy to administer – an external partner had to step in when changes were needed. By partnering with HubSpot, LEAD would have complete control over the implementation of its new strategy.

"The HubSpot software is so easy to use, and it had all the tools we needed to turn our website into a lead-generation machine."

Angela Hengsberger

Head of Business Development

LEAD Innovation

Targeting Prospects With Customised Content

In September 2015, Angela got started by creating personas for LEAD’s different types of clients.

“We came up with four – the CEO, the owner, the head of product development and the head of R&D. We hadn’t defined the types of clients that we should be targeting before; the process helped us to hone in our customers’ wants and needs.”

The next step was to create the content that would attract and delight these new personas – Angela set up ebooks, whitepapers and webinars on Landing Pages, adding Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage user engagement. She used the Social Inbox and the SEO tools to drive visitors to the website and began posting regularly to the LEAD Blog.

“Before, the content on our blog was interesting, but it didn’t necessarily help us to convert our visitors. With the HubSpot software, I could make it more useful and targeted,” explains Angela.

She says that automation functionalities were a revelation – now they could create Campaigns and follow up with leads in a way that simply hadn’t been possible before partnering with HubSpot.

“It has saved us so much time – we use Workflows to nurture our leads, so they get emails that speak to their interests and their stage in the marketing funnel. Then, with the Analytics Dashboard, we can track the efficiency of our every move and adjust our strategy accordingly.”

Within weeks, visitors and leads started to flow in, and LEAD realised that it also needed to change its sales process to keep up. It started using the HubSpot Sales App, which has transformed the way that sales interact with prospects, says Angela.

“The salesperson can see what their leads are interested in, so that they can reach out to them with an offer that is tailored to them. They also have a better a view of the sales pipeline – for example, when they send a proposal out, they are notified when the prospect opens it. It’s made things a lot more transparent.”

"With the HubSpot software we’re consistently exceeding our traffic and lead generation goals. It’s helping us to land new clients and grow."

- Angela Hengsberger

Remarkable Results and Plans for More

LEAD set itself the goal of getting 40 new leads per month within six months – it achieved it in three. Today, it is pulling in 120+ leads per month, and organic traffic to the website has increased by 4X. It has more than doubled its newsletter open rate, while its website content is performing strongly – one particular ebook on creativity techniques has a conversion rate of 38%.

LEAD has also used the HubSpot software to open up a new revenue stream, setting up Landing Pages to promote its business seminars. Within six months, it achieved 70+ new sign-ups. 

Angela plans to continue to use the HubSpot software to continue this upward trajectory.

“By the end of next year, I’d like us to be getting 100 leads per month. To do this, we are going to continue to produce and push our great content, so that we improve our visibility and become known as thought leaders in our field. We are a company of 15 employees, and we are going up against some very big competitors, but the HubSpot Marketing Platform allows us to punch above our weight.”

The decision to join the HubSpot family was a smart decision, she says, and one that she recommends to other companies who are considering making the move to inbound.  

“It has changed how we do business; it has allowed us to be become less reliant on outside agencies and take charge of our own direction.”

"The HubSpot Marketing Platform has brought so many positive changes to our business – we are 100% satisfied."

- Angela Hengsberger

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