HubSpot Agency Partner LeadPoint Triples its Customers within Six Months

Giuseppe D'Angeli set up LeadPoint in Switzerland in 2015, with the goal of becoming a go-to agency for inbound marketing. However, the concept was a relatively new one to the Swiss market. To succeed, he needed a powerful marketing automation system that could deliver results both for his new company and for his new customers. LeadPoint became a HubSpot partner and has achieved some impressive results. Within six months, it has increased its own website visitors by 5X, leads by 10X and customers by 3X.


Increase in website traffic


Increase in leads


Increase in customers

LeadPoint Team


Swiss-based Prospera Consult GmbH helps its clients enter new markets and acquire new customers. In 2015, CEO Giuseppe D'Angeli set up the marketing agency LeadPoint as an independent unit of the company. He saw that increased digitisation had changed consumer buying behaviour and he wanted to use the power of inbound marketing to help businesses to increase their traffic, leads and sales. Today, LeadPoint offers its customers an inbound marketing strategy that is tailored for their specific needs.

New Inbound Agency Finds a Powerful Partner in HubSpot

Marketing agency LeadPoint hit the Swiss market in 2015. Its goal was to use the power of inbound marketing to get more visitors, leads and customers, both for itself and for its new clients.

“Times have changed,” explains LeadPoint CEO Giuseppe D'Angeli. “The world has become more digital. It is no longer the seller playing an active role in the buying process, it is the potential client themselves.”

However, he knew that inbound marketing was still a relatively new concept to Switzerland. To succeed, the company would need a marketing automation platform that would deliver convincing results. He began investigating his options and soon discovered HubSpot’s vast library of online content and training. After evaluating other tools, Giuseppe decided that the HubSpot software was the best choice for his business.

In October 2015, LeadPoint decided to join the HubSpot Partner Program, so that it could pass along the benefits of the HubSpot Marketing Platform to its customers.

“We chose to partner with HubSpot for two main reasons. The first was the software itself. It is the market leader and I felt that it would be perfect fit for the customers that we target. Secondly, I wanted LeadPoint to be an agency that not only delivers a product but also a full education in the inbound process. We needed a source for that education, and HubSpot could provide it.”

"HubSpot is a one-stop solution for implementing the inbound methodology, and that was one of the most important things for me. It has everything I need in a product."

Giuseppe D'Angeli



Implementing Inbound from the Ground Up

Giuseppe immediately began the HubSpot onboarding process for LeadPoint. As the company didn’t even have its own website at this stage, everything was created from scratch through the HubSpot software.

“I asked a lot of questions from my HubSpot channel manager, because I needed to create a new business model. I had to think about my strategy and what I wanted to achieve. I wanted as much information as possible.”

Once Giuseppe had his strategy in place, he could begin to implement it. One of the first things he did was to create buyer personas. “I needed them to be very detailed, as I couldn’t rely on a large supply of existing customers. I needed new ones, so it was important for me to pin down the type of customers I was addressing.”

LeadPoint also created and set up its own content on Landing Pages and used CTAs to encourage visitor interaction. With the Lead Management App, it could see how leads were behaving and what they were interested in.

The agency targets customers from industrial and technology markets and service providers within these markets. These companies are already primed for success with inbound marketing, as they have a lot of industry-specific knowledge to share with their visitors and leads. However, many of them have not heard about the inbound method before, so LeadPoint relied on its HubSpot sales consultant to help it win and retain new business.

“The training has evolved since we completed onboarding. At the start, it was more about helping us get set up for success. Now that we’re established, I’m adapting the sales process to suit the needs of the local market and I’ve received amazing support from HubSpot on that.”

"The HubSpot coaching and support is excellent. The team have helped to build, position and grow LeadPoint."

- Giuseppe D'Angeli

On the Road to Success

Since becoming a HubSpot partner six months ago, LeadPoint has achieved a great deal – website visits are up 5X, leads have increased by 10X, while customers have been boosted by 3X.

“It’s all about showing our clients how they can achieve better lead generation and get more sales. We can demonstrate that with the analytic capabilities of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, they can really get to know their website visitors and nurture them to become customers.”

All of LeadPoint’s customers are on retainer and they are already seeing a return on their investments. One has been using the HubSpot software for less than four months and is on track to achieve its goal of a 5% increase in turnover by the end of the year.

“In terms of our customers’ profits, we bring in better quality leads with a higher margin that have a good impact on their bottom line,” says Giuseppe. “I’m very confident that our existing clients will renew and that we will continue to gain more business.”

Looking to the future, LeadPoint will continue on its mission to promote the inbound methodology and has the ambitious goal of tripling its customer base by the end of the year. In the longer term, it will continue to work with HubSpot to increase its visibility in the marketplace.

“We want to be the go-to agency for inbound marketing and to be recognised as an expert in that sector. HubSpot is going to help us do that.”

Giuseppe is certain that partnering with HubSpot was the best decision that LeadPoint could have made. “It’s simply a great platform. It’s easy to work with and easy to understand, and the training and education that HubSpot offers is second to none. What I really like is the company’s commitment to its own development. It continually works on its products to make them better for the future and that’s really important.”

"By partnering with HubSpot and following the inbound marketing methodology we’re not only future-proofing our business, but helping to grow it."

- Giuseppe D'Angeli

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