Fencing Company Expands Nationwide Using HubSpot

Louis E. Page primarily sold to the New England market, but they wished to expand their offerings to further geographic locations. He attempted to do this with an online presence, but was using an inflexible web hosting service that didn't allow him direct access to update and improve his site.

Featured in NECN's Business Day segment on TV


leads generated from organic search in one year


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Louis E. Page Team

About Louis E. Page

Louis E. Page is a family owned and operated fencing and mesh company that has been in business since 1893.

Louis E. Page is a family owned and operated fencing and mesh company that has been in business since 1893. The small team sells a variety of fencing ranging from simple garden fences to specialized material for zoos, turtle fence, and much more. We spoke with President Duncan Pageabout how Louis E. Page has achieved significant company growth and nationwide expansion with HubSpot.

Industry: Fencing | Size: 6 Employees

Tenure: 2 Years on HubSpot Small

The Challenge: Expand and Grow Customer Base Beyond Local Market

As a company with six employees and a history of selling to New Englanders, Duncan had his work cut out for him when he decided  to expand the company. He had used a different company before to build his website for him, but disliked that he had no direct access to update and improve the site. He also felt that while advertising in various journals and magazines was effective for local business, the company’s presence would need to be more pervasive to extend to new markets.

Solution: HubSpot Website & Blogging Software

With HubSpot, Duncan was able to create his own website that put him in charge, instead of using a middle man. Using tools like Page Grader Duncan ensures that his website effectively represents his company on the internet and increases his chances of more widespread customers.

Duncan has also become a prolific blogger since using HubSpot. By using the simple Blogging Tool, Louis E. Page Inc’s blog is regularly updated with interesting industry trends and company news. Duncan can then use blog analytics to see which posts customers are responding to and create more similar content.

Although he believes he can use it better, Duncan’s small company has been able to stay on top of possible leads using Lead Nurturing. Rather than having to reach out to everyone personally, he is able to send an automated message to ensure that they continue to be interested in his products.

Using Sources, Duncan is able to identify which ways of getting traffic are working and which ones he should spend more time focusing on. This allows his small business to be more efficient and not waste any precious resources.

Results: Dramatic Increase in Diversity of Customers

  • Thousands of national visits to website
  • 4,652 subscribers to blog, “The Fence Post"
  • 2,156 leads from organic search in the past year
  • Page views from as far away as California and Iowa through SEO
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With HubSpot, Louis E. Page Inc. used inbound marketing to achieve Duncan’s dream of nationwide sales.  Duncan is very satisfied with the results he has seen from HubSpot, and says that he talks about it all the time when he meets people looking for a good way to, "get a good web presence on the net."

Louis E. Page Inc.'s use of HubSpot and inbound marketing was featured on NECN's Business Day.

Watch the full video segment here!
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