Lynton Web Develops Retainer Relationships and High Quality Leads through the HubSpot Marketplace

Lynton Web's workload was highly variable. Some months would be heavy, others they'd be performing under-capacity. They also spent a lot of time educating their many customers who came to them with little-to-no marketing expertise. They needed a way to make their efforts both consistent, and more efficient.


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About Lynton

Lynton Web Solutions is a full-service marketing agency based in Houston, TX.

Lynton Web Solutions Houston, Texas B2B 11-50 Employees Internet Industry


Lynton Web Solutions is a full-service marketing agency based in Houston, TX. The company provides a range of services for marketers -- technology (CRM integration, eCommerce Integration), design (website design, landing page design, call to action design), and marketing (social media, content, email marketing).


Daniel Lynton started Lynton Web Solutions in 1999 and is now the company’s CEO. Early on Lynton was a one-man shop, focused on custom web development. 

Lynton's challenges at the beginning were similar to those many young marketing agencies face. For starters, the work load was highly variable. Some months he’d be overwhelmed with work for one client, then he’d finish the project and find himself under capacity for weeks. 

The firm also spent too much time educating and qualifying customers. Since his customers came to him with varied levels of marketing expertise, he often spent time educating them about marketing tactics and the value of his services.


Lynton Web's success in the HubSpot Service Marketplace didn't come overnight. The company's first step was to become a HubSpot customer. By setting up the software for their agency, taking the time to learn how to use it effectively for their business and embracing the inbound marketing methodology that goes hand-and-hand with the software,they established a foundation of expertise that later provided leverage in the services marketplace.




  • Once the Lynton Web team learned the HubSpot software and the inbound marketing methodology, they were able to target far more educated marketing customers, a change that dramatically improved the productivity of their business.
  • The HubSpot Marketplace helped Lynton develop long-term retainer relationships with clients. Prior to HubSpot, the Lynton team's business came in waves. With HubSpot, Lynton was able to begin generating steady, lasting relationships with customers.

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“I would say our most qualified leads come from the service marketplace. For the vast majority of HubSpot customers, it’s the first place they look for vendors. So there’s a huge value in the reputation that comes with being a HubSpot certified partner. Since they’re already a HubSpot customer, they’re an educated customer, so our common ground provides this level of trust to immediately dive into deeper discussions.”

- Daniel Lynton, CEO Lynton Web Solutions

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