Main Line Family Law Gets Attention from Oprah Network Using Inbound Marketing

With a business focused on non-recurring customers, Main Line Family Law needed a way to generate new leads. They weren't sure of how to drive actual traffic to their site, let alone the kind that converts into high quality leads, and ultimately, customers.


growth in leads every three months


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growth in web traffic every three months

Main Line Family Law Center Team

About Main Line

Main Line Family Law Center is a husband and wife team on a mission to help couples through their separation and divorce as seamless and painless as possible.


Main Line Family Law Center, LLC was founded in 2011 by Chris and Sharon Pastore, a husband and wife team on a mission to help couples through their separation and divorce as seamless and painless as possible. Having started a new business with non-recurring customers, their marketing challenge was to attract traffic to the website and generate leads. This could be achieved by becoming the experts in healthy solutions for separation or divorce in the Philadelphia Main Line area. Main Line Family Law Center wanted to add a human component to the divorce process through coaching and planning, positioning itself as the firm that is ‘restoring sanity and dignity to the divorce process’.

How HubSpot helped:

“HubSpot has given us the marketing intelligence to know what people want, and to act fast to get results.” said Sharon, VP of Marketing at Main Line Family Law, LLC. Since divorce and separation are confidential issues, people often try to find help online using Google search instead of talking to a friend or family members. Using the SEO tool, they noticed that lots of people were searching for the keyword ‘legal separation in PA.’ Surprisingly, there were no articles completely devoted to the topic. This gave Sharon a sweet spot of keywords to capitalize on. So, they wrote a blog article, Legal Separation in PA: The Great Myth that shot their rank for the phrase up to #1. The benefit of an elevated search rank spilled over into other areas of their marketing too. “Oprah Winfrey Network called asking for our clients to be on one of their shows. They found us through a Google search.” added Sharon. They even have a keyword that ranks on the first page of search results, which would’ve otherwise cost $4 per click if they had bought ads for it. Despite an increase in traffic due to their blog post,  Main Line Family law didn’t see many conversions of that traffic into leads. Then came an ‘aha moment.’ After attending a webinar series from HubSpot, she realized that she was missing a key part of the marketing playbook: calls-to-action. Thus, she created “On the Move” a planning guide for a healthy marriage separation in PA, using the Landing Pages tool. This made their marketing efforts gel together and they started receiving 3-4 qualified leads per day, leading to a high increase in clients. The whole campaign reinforced their marketing goal: to help people early in the decision process (the separation before the divorce) and help them save tens of thousands of dollars. Previously, Sharon needed to hire web designers to build a customer website from scratch, making it very expensive as well as inefficient to make real time changes. She was paying more than $500 to create a single landing page, and that didn’t even include an email template. After switching to HubSpot, she now has a website on which she can make quick changes with little effort. The Landing Pages tool has saved her from paying hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars to web designers. In divorce mediation, decisions can take years, so nurturing relationships with leads is critical. The Email Marketing and Marketing Automation tools have allowed her to keep in touch with her leads without having to hire more people.

What would you say to others considering HubSpot?

Effective marketing has to run like a well-oiled machine. If one piece isn’t working, you will miss out on business--guaranteed. Word of mouth does not happen overnight, and if you have a small team, a new business should strongly consider making the investment in a marketing software like HubSpot if they are looking to hit the ground running and grow fast, and streamline your marketing.”

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