MB&Scott Doubles Its Clients in 6 Months with HubSpot

MB&Scott is a French consultancy that provides administrative, tax, accounting and legal services for SMEs. By late 2015, it realised that its lack of a concrete marketing strategy was hindering its progression in the marketplace. It was using a collection of disparate tools to gain leads and clients, but soon realised it needed an all-in-one solution. It turned to HubSpot. Since then, it has increased its leads by 300%, boosted clients by 2X and moved from outbound to inbound marketing.


Increase in leads


Increase in customers


Increase in organic traffic

MB&Scott Team


French company MB&Scott provides administrative, tax, accounting and legal services for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises. Founded by Mathieu Benayoun in 2013, its goal is to help its clients optimise their businesses by relieving them of back-office tasks, so they can concentrate on the essentials.

A Consultancy That Needed to Ramp Up

MB&Scott is a French consultancy that provides administrative, tax, accounting and legal services for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses. By 2015, the company’s CEO and founder, Mathieu Benayoun, was doing some ad hoc marketing activities; he had added forms to his WordPress website, and was posting to Facebook and Twitter. However, he knew that it wasn’t enough – the company wasn’t getting the leads and clients that it needed to grow.

“We were using lots of different tools, like Hootsuite and MailChimp, but they weren’t linked up or aligned. We didn’t really have a strategy; people were arriving on our site and we didn’t know how to convert them. I realised that something had to change if we were to continue growing.”

A fellow entrepreneur suggested that he look into the HubSpot software, and Mathieu found the HubSpot blog. He was impressed by the inbound methodology and intrigued by how a joined-up marketing solution could help his business.

“I contacted HubSpot and after a demo of the platform, I was convinced. What’s great about the HubSpot software is that it gives you all the tools you need in the one box, which was something that we didn’t have before. Before, our strategy wasn’t clear, but HubSpot gave me the ability to understand what I had to do.”

MB&Scott signed up with HubSpot in 2015, and since then, it has used it to completely change the way it does its marketing.

"The HubSpot software is so easy to use. What is marvellous is the fact that you don’t need several marketing strategists to understand what you have to do."

Mathieu Benayoun

CEO and Founder


A Platform for a New Strategy

First, Mathieu created personas for his various types of clients. He then targeted them with content, including ebooks, articles, whitepapers and checklists, which was set up on Landing Pages. He added Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Forms to capture user data and created Workflows to nurture these leads through the marketing funnel.

“The Landing Pages are great because they allow us to build trust with the visitor, to give them offers that they are interested in. Then, with Workflows, we can continue the relationship, with targeted Emails, further offers and more CTAs, until they are ready for a meeting with one of our experts. With these apps, we’ve been able to put a formal marketing strategy in place – they have given us the ability to get more clients and increase revenue.”

MB&Scott also uses the Blog App for its blogging activities and then shares each new post on Facebook and Twitter with the Social Inbox, to visitor traffic to the website.

“Thanks to HubSpot, all of our marketing activities are linked, and we can see what’s working and what isn’t with the Analytics Platform. And we started seeing the effects very quickly. Within two months, we were generating more leads and clients than we ever had before.”

Since deploying the HubSpot software, Mathieu says that the company has been able to move from outbound to inbound. Previously, the company engaged in cold-calling; these days, that model has been replaced completely.

Leads are nurtured until they become sales qualified, and MB&Scott then contacts them with a proposal based on their needs, wants and pain points. In fact, prospective clients often make the first move themselves and contact MB&Scott to close the deal.

"Before partnering with HubSpot, we were using too many different tools, we couldn’t connect them and we weren’t clear on what our goals were. Now everything is aligned and we can see the results of every move we make."

- Mathieu Benayoun

Generating Leads and Converting Customers

Since MB&Scott started using the HubSpot software, it has seen some excellent results. Leads have shot up by 300%, while it has doubled the number of clients it signs up every month. While organic traffic to MB&Scott’s website has increased by 59%.

According to Mathieu, “HubSpot gave me the ability to understand my business and become my own marketing specialist. I’m now an evangelist for the inbound methodology; I even visit other startups to explain how the platform could work for them.”

The MB&Scott CEO says that he plans to make even more use of the HubSpot Marketing Platform going forward, especially the SEO functionality.

“Before, we had a lot of good content but we weren’t using it in the right way. Now that we are, we want people to be able to find it organically.”

As well as this, Mathieu explains that HubSpot has spurred him on to change how his company is run.

“We are rethinking our business thanks to HubSpot. Previously we didn’t have the means to market ourselves effectively and to get the leads and clients we needed. Now, we’re thriving. In the next two years, I want to increase our client base by 10X, and the HubSpot software is going to enable me to do it.” 

"The HubSpot Marketing Platform has had a magical effect on our business. We’re more efficient, targeted and are generating more leads than ever before."

- Mathieu Benayoun

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