Mention Generates 5,000 Leads in 5 Months with HubSpot

By late 2015, French web monitoring company Mention had already seen great success with its self-serve products; now it wanted to focus on its enterprise-level customers. Its newly hired Head of Marketing, Ben Twichell, was tasked with creating a system that would generate high-quality leads and nurture them until they became sales qualified. Ben chose the HubSpot Marketing Platform to help him achieve those goals. Within five months, Mention generated 5,000 new leads, while its Landing Pages have an average conversion rate of 55%.


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Mention Team


Founded in 2012, Mention is a French SaaS company that changes the way its clients monitor the web. Customers can create keyword-based alerts on their company, their brand and their competitors, and receive updates in real time about any mentions on the web and social networks. Over 500,000 professionals use Mention’s products every day, including companies such as Adobe, BBDO, Microsoft, Doctor's Without Borders, Allianz, Deliveroo and Hired.

A Change of Focus Requires a Marketing Rethink

Mention is a SaaS company that changes the way its clients monitor the web. By late 2015, it had hundreds of thousands of users on its self-serve plan; the next step was to focus on its enterprise-level product. It hired Ben Twichell as head of marketing and tasked him with creating a system that could generate and nurture the high-quality leads it needed. 

“Up until my arrival, all of our efforts revolved around getting people to our website, where they would sign up for our product in a self-serve way. Our enterprise product required a different approach. You can’t buy it on the website, you have to have a sales conversation about it first – these are deals ranging from €3,000 to €40,000.”

Ben believed that marketing automation software would be essential to the new enterprise strategy, and his first thought was the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Having worked with it before in previous roles, he felt that it would be an ideal solution.

“While I was a fan, I wanted to double check, so I did research into other platforms, including Marketo. It didn’t seem user-friendly enough; I wanted non-techies in the company to be able to jump right in. All the others I investigated simply weren’t all-in-one solutions. I needed something that would help me not only generate leads but manage them as well, and they didn’t do that. I came back to HubSpot really quickly.”

Mention signed up, and it started onboarding with the HubSpot Marketing Platform in January 2016.

"To generate thousands of enterprise leads – tens of thousands in the long run – we needed a powerful, all-in-one platform, and that was the HubSpot software."

Ben Twichell

Head of Marketing


Targeting a New Type of Client

Ben immediately began working on leveraging the content that would attract potential enterprise clients – Mention has a remarkable repository of ebooks, webinars, checklists and courses. He set each item up on a Landing Page, adding Forms to collect user data.

“We then nurture these leads with Workflows. When someone views a certain website page, opens an email, submits a certain form or downloads an ebook, they are enrolled into a Workflow. That triggers a future set of activities which allows us to nurture leads in a personalised, targeted way.”

Mention saw a massive increase in leads within six weeks, and Ben says he gives HubSpot “very strong credit” for this.

“The platform was crucial, as was HubSpot’s own content around the inbound methodology and the strategies that it suggests for maximising impact. We applied a lot of the HubSpot philosophy to our own marketing and it’s worked really well.”

One of the key parts of Ben’s plan was to align the marketing and sales departments more closely. He set up lead scoring, so when prospects reach a certain level, they are automatically pushed through to sales. He has also integrated Salesforce with the HubSpot software, so the sales team can view every marketing interaction that has taken place before they make contact with a potential customer.

“The sales process for enterprise clients requires a lot of attention. The fact that we have already engaged with our leads with value-added content makes closing deals much easier.”

"To ensure sure Mention was growing as fast as possible, we wanted to build out a lead generation channel which delivered high quality, enterprise leads with buying power. HubSpot has allowed us to do that extremely effectively, while ensuring we could scale quickly when needed."

- Ben Twichell

A Website That Became a Lead-Generating Machine

Since partnering with HubSpot, Mention has turned its website into a lead-generating machine. It gained 5,000 new leads within five months and it is currently hiring new sales people to deal with the volume.

“Our conversion rates are really good,” explains Ben. “Our Landing Pages have an average 55% conversion rate, while our visitor to contact rate is amazing – 13% of all visitors to the website have either signed up for a trial or given us their information. Our closed deals have increased; we have a 5% conversion rate from contact to paying customer.”

Employee numbers are rising as well. This time last year, Mention had nine staff members; today, it has 40. Ben envisages that this number could grow to 150 by 2017.The company wants to continue this upward trajectory over the next two years and solidify its stronghold in the enterprise arena. It has already seen great success in capturing some big-name clients, including Adobe, BBDO, Microsoft, Doctor's Without Borders, Allianz, Deliveroo and Hired, and Ben plans to use the HubSpot Marketing Platform to gain more.

“HubSpot reduces the need for other tools. I invest a lot of time in it, because the more I invest, the more I get out of it. I want to continue to work on completely aligning our sales and marketing, so we’re working on optimising our processes. The HubSpot software definitely has everything we need to make that happen.”

"If you want to generate leads and sales through building trust with content, then HubSpot is the platform to choose."

- Ben Twichell

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