Partner Agency Mia Grows Revenue by 60% with HubSpot

Despite high search engine rankings and a good website, Belgian digital agency Mia seemed to struggle to attract and convert leads. It realised that it needed a 180 degree shift in how to market its own and its clients’ products and services. Mia joined the HubSpot Partner Program in 2015, and since then, the results have seen an amazing turnaround. Its web traffic has increased by 100%, and its leads are up by 125%. Its leads to sales success rate has been boosted by 150%, while its marketing revenue has grown by 60%.


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


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Mia Interactive is a digital agency founded and based in Antwerp, Belgium in 2001. It offers its clients a host of different digital services; including digital strategy, conversion-driven websites, web applications, content creation and online marketing. The company became a HubSpot Partner in 2015.

A Company Rethink Leads Directly to Inbound

By late 2014, Belgian digital agency Mia was operating in a crowded marketplace and was looking for a way to distinguish itself from the competition.

“Although we knew our stuff very well – we had a great group of clients, high search engine rankings and a good website – we lacked visitor and sales growth. Our lead qualification process was slow. It took calls, explanatory meetings and more calls to get a customer to the point of closing,” says Steven Van Duyse, digital strategy lead at the company.

At the time, Mia was using a collection of disparate online marketing tools, such as Campaign Monitor for email and Unbounce for landing pages, but it found that they weren’t producing the results it needed. It needed a more effective, all-in-one solution. Steven started investigating marketing automation platforms.

“I did a lot of research. I looked at all the software that was out there, big and small, and I did trials and demos. I evaluated Eloqua and Marketo, but they weren't right for us.”

However, he was impressed by HubSpot and its ethos of attracting, converting, closing and delighting customer. Mia also came to the conclusion that this was a solution that it could also sell to its clients, and it signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program in January 2015.

“HubSpot and its inbound methodology got us to rethink what we were doing. We switched our entire marketing strategy to inbound marketing.”

"The HubSpot Marketing Platform allows us to increase leads and maximise results."

Steven Van Duyse

Digital Strategy Lead


A New Way of Doing Business

Mia immediately began implementing the HubSpot software on its own website. One of its main goals was to shorten the lead to customer conversion time, so it set up its valuable content on Landing Pages, targeting different items to different personas. These leads are then nurtured through the marketing funnel with Workflows.

Once it had established the basics, Mia started using the more advanced features of the HubSpot Marketing Platform. “We're always adapting and fine-tuning. Smart CTAs are essential, as is A/B testing on Landing Pages and emails. The Smart Forms are fantastic, particularly as we live a bilingual country – it helps us to really segment our leads in a useful way.”

Mia also began rolling out the HubSpot Marketing Platform to its own SMB customers. “Now we can present a complete solution and show clients how we can help them grow. What’s great is that we can do a lot more for them.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software, we are generating more leads, which helps us close more business and grow."

- Steven Van Duyse

A Partnership That Has Produced Results

Mia has embraced the inbound methodology and promotes it to its customers. Steven attended INBOUND, HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales event, and came back inspired and ready to build his agency on the philosophy. It was a turning point for the agency; within six months, it had reached Gold Tier Partner status. 

Since partnering with HubSpot, Mia’s web traffic has increased by 100% and leads are up by 125%. The company is also seeing more success in capturing customers. Its lead to sales success rate has gone up by 150%, while its marketing revenue has grown by 60%.

Mia’s clients are also reaping rewards; it now has eight using the HubSpot Marketing Platform, and they all have all seen great gains. “Their traffic is up exponentially; they are getting 5X to 10X more leads than they used to,” says Steven.

85% of these customers are on retainer, something that would have been unheard of just a couple of years ago. Part of the reason for this is Mia’s ability to prove the effects of every marketing action that it takes.

“In the past, we struggled to prove that our campaigns were responsible for conversions. Now, it's a lot easier. With the Marketing Analytics Platform, we are able to show our customers the return on investment that they are looking for.”

Mia has big plans for its future growth. It has already grown the team to 12 people – in the next two years, it wants to increase that number to 20.

“I also want us to grow as an agency,” explains Steven. “We want to attract bigger SMB clients and become a Platinum Partner by next year.”

The Mia and HubSpot partnership is going to be key to this, he says. “HubSpot has had a massive impact on us. We became more targeted and changed the way we do business, and today, we are known as one of the thought leaders in our field.”

"I would recommend becoming a HubSpot Partner. Without HubSpot, we simply wouldn’t have been able to grow our business to the extent that we have."

- Steven Van Duyse

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