Mojo Media Labs Aims to be the Inbound Employer of Choice as a HubSpot Agency Partner

Mojo Media Labs' partnership with HubSpot brought clarity and stability to their purpose as an agency. Mojo transformed their agency to base their core service offerings on retainer services, and developed a playbook for predictability in hiring new employees.


Percentage of revenue from retainer-based clients


Increase in website visits in 5 years


Increase in job applicants in 2 years


Mojo Media Labs is a HubSpot Platinum partner specializing in COS website design, Inbound Marketing, Account-Based Marketing & Sales Enablement and works primarily with businesses in manufacturing, healthcare and professional services.

Building a Scalable Business Model

Mojo Media Labs first became a HubSpot partner in 2012. Since joining the program, they’ve been able to build a scalable model for their agency, align marketing and sales to deliver more value to their clients, and bring more clarity to their service offerings. As of 2017, 86% of their revenue is from retainer business. The agency recently won three prestigious awards from the American Marketing Association Dallas Chapter: Best In Healthcare Marketing, 2017 Marketer of the Year and Best Infographic Series.


After partnering with HubSpot, Mojo worked with a Channel Account Manager (CAM) to support them in growing their business. Their CAM acted as a business coach to support Mojo as they brought clarity to their agency's purpose, and helped them create service offerings to move toward a retainer business model. This clarity created predictability and brought more stability to their agency.

"Our agency has grown with HubSpot in so many different ways...It’s been a beautiful partnership."

Michael Rose


Mojo Media Labs

Hiring for the Future

Mojo Media Labs has a goal to be the inbound employer of choice and are working to inspire people to do great work every day.

Because of the predicability of the recurring revenue that Mojo now leverages, it's allowed them to build a much more scalable hiring model for their agency. They can anticipate when they need to make hires and what skillsets they're looking for. Therefore, it allows them to focus and take their time to make the right hires to fit their company culture.

HubSpot provides partners with pre-packaged training modules from the day the partnership begins. The Partner Certification provides agency business owners a framework for building a predictable revenue model. Additional certifications cover everything from the inbound methodology to software training to an in-depth look at best practices for a specific strategy like content marketing. Mojo uses these certifications in their learning management system to prepare new team members to be Mojo Makers!  


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