NEC Corporation of America Grows Sales Pipeline with HubSpot

NEC needed a way to generate quality leads, and effectively track their sales and marketing results. Without the ability to measure their ROI, they would have a difficult time justifying their marketing efforts to their high impact sales team.


increase in email open rates

Increased sales team visibility on how leads are engaging using HubSpot’s Salesforce integration

About NEC

NEC provides innovative IT and communication solutions to businesses of all sizes across multiple vertical industries.


NEC Corporation of America (NEC) is a fast-growing technology company with a high impact sales team. The quality of leads is crucial for adding to the growth of sales. The Channel Sales team was looking for ways to increase the number of quality leads while also effectively tracking and measuring sales and marketing results. The team purchased lists, captured leads at trade shows and through email blasts, but still needed ways to increase lead generation and still demonstrate ROI on the marketing spend.

“I HubSpot because it increases my marketing horsepower 10X.”

Mark Pendleton

Channel Marketing, NEC

How HubSpot helped

During his search for a better way to accurately track ROI on marketing spend, Mark Pendleton, Director of Product Marketing at NEC, turned to HubSpot. He found that the automated HubSpot system simplifies lead and campaign tracking and makes reporting more effective than manual tracking systems. HubSpot’s Lead Intelligence tool helped sales and marketing quickly develop a clear definition of what constituted a qualified lead. Features such as HubSpot's Landing Pages tool give Mark a mechanism to A/B test pages himself, without having to depend on the IT team. Additionally, lead nurturing enables the team to focus on marketing initiatives that resonate with their target audience and brings better results.

What would you say to others considering HubSpot?

“HubSpot is a perfect marketing tool for our business because it has the marketing automation power to help us grow our sales pipeline, market presence, and provide effective analytics to understand what’s working and how to fix what’s not.”

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