Nexa Takes Success to the Next Level as a HubSpot Partner

When it began life in Dubai in 2005, digital marketing agency Nexa concentrated on website development, but as the years passed, it expanded its remit to include the full range of inbound marketing services. However, the tools that it was using didn’t work well together; it needed to find an all-in-one solution to produce ROI for both itself and its clients. Nexa joined the HubSpot Partner Program and since then has increased its organic traffic by 230%, its qualified leads by 40% and reduced its PPC advertising spend by 65%.


Increase in qualified leads


Reduction in PPC advertising spend


Increase in website traffic


Dubai-based marketing agency Nexa has been at the forefront of digital marketing technology in the United Arab Emirates since 2005. Its services include website design and development, as well as content and inbound marketing, SEO and SEM, digital consultancy and social media application development. Nexa's core management team has over 50 years of combined digital experience in markets such as the UK, USA and the Middle East and the company has provided solutions for more than 800 clients.

Partnering Up For Future-Proofed Inbound

Nexa knew that the online landscape was changing, and it had already adapted its business model to suit this change. It was using inbound marketing for both itself and its clients – the problem was that the in-house created tools it was using weren’t producing great results.

According to Andrew Thomas, Managing Director at Nexa, by 2014, the company realised that it had to make a change if it was to continue to lead its field.

“We wanted to converge our marketing efforts, but the solutions we were using didn’t connect well together. We were running them all separately or as one-offs, and we couldn’t attribute activity to closed business in a meaningful way. We needed a more cohesive and powerful solution that would allow us to prove ROI.”

Nexa’s CEO, Amit Vyas, began to research software platforms, narrowing down his choices to Marketo and HubSpot.

“I got a good feeling for what HubSpot could deliver. Its pricing was competitive and the people behind it really knew their stuff. I also went online to read reviews and access the HubSpot Academy, and I spoke to existing HubSpot users and partners. All the insights I gained confirmed my first thought – HubSpot was the company for us,” he explains.

Nexa started out by buying a HubSpot licence for itself. However, once it saw the value it was bringing to its own business, it decided to join the HubSpot Partner Program, signing up in early 2015.

“The HubSpot software brought all our marketing activities together and was such an addition to our business. We wanted to bring that value to our customers,” says Marie Hoffman, the account director for inbound marketing at Nexa

"Once we saw how our marketing activities were transformed by HubSpot software, the logical next step was to join the Partner Program."

Amit Vyas

CEO and Co-founder


Standing Out From the Crowd With Targeted Content

Nexa wanted to be a showcase of all that can be achieved with the HubSpot Marketing Platform, and it started that process by transferring its website to the HubSpot COS. It set up its blog on the Blog App and created Landing Pages for its case studies, ebooks, training courses and events. It also added Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage visitors to interact with the website and used the SEO tools and the Social Inbox drive traffic.

One of Nexa’s main goals was to create a joined up marketing strategy, and now, with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard, it can do just that.

“We can see at a glance how our marketing actions are performing and also how well they work together. Then we can ramp up or down accordingly. That’s a huge change,” says Andrew.

The dashboard is a big selling point for Nexa’s customers as well. The company is rapidly growing its customer base, with a range of clients from startups and B2B companies to major brands. However, they all have one thing in common – “they want ROI yesterday.”

“With the dashboard, we can show them exactly how the campaigns we run for them positively affect their bottom line,” reports Marie “The inbound market is still fairly nascent in the UAE, so that’s not something that they’ve seen before. It really helps us stand out from the competition.”

The HubSpot software has become integral not only to the Nexa marketing team but to the sales department as well, reports Andrew.

“Sales and marketing are now closely aligned; we talk about where our leads are coming from, their wants and needs and the best way to close deals. Our salespeople live in the HubSpot CRM. They use it to track email open rates and click-throughs and to get insights on potential clients – they’re even writing content for our blog!”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software, we’ve been able to get smarter with our selling and become a lot more efficient."

Andrew Thomas

Managing Director


Big Results and Big Plans for the Future

Partnering with HubSpot has allowed Nexa to establish itself as an inbound expert and that reputation has not gone unnoticed. It already has 15 clients on the HubSpot software and has reached HubSpot Gold Partner status. 

Amit notes that “Due to our partnership with HubSpot, we’re becoming known as thought leaders in our field, and it shows in our results. Our organic traffic has increased by 230% and our qualified leads have been boosted by 40%. One particular blog post has brought us 25 new leads in just one month and has netted us €366,000 in revenue overall. We don’t need to spend a lot of money promoting ourselves anymore – our PPC advertising spend is down by 65%.”

Nexa’s customers are replicating those numbers themselves, pulling in more qualified traffic and leads and finding themselves nearing the top of search engine rankings. These results are why the vast majority of the agency’s clients are choosing retainer contracts – they don’t want to lose Nexa’s expertise.

Marie shared that “our clients are selling more and gaining insight into who their customers are and how they make buying decisions.  We’ve had clients who have said, ‘we would have never known that this customer was out there if we hadn’t run that campaign’ or ‘we would never have connected with this individual without this process in place’. It’s beyond just selling. It’s about giving them the means to make intelligent decisions about their business.”

For Nexa, the only way is up, with plans in place to reach Diamond Partner status and to double its client list over the next 12 months.

“We’re going to use the HubSpot software even more, to build up our recurring revenue, sell more inbound accounts and grow the size of our retainers.”

Amit says that the HubSpot Partner Program has allowed it to scale its business to new heights, and he would recommend it to any agency that wants to get serious about inbound.

“It has tied everything together for us. As a HubSpot Partner, we get to guide and curate our customers’ inbound journey. We’re like shepherds, helping them transform how their clients see them. It’s been such a positive experience.”

"Joining the HubSpot Partner Program was the best move we could have made – the whole process is so supportive and collaborative. We’re convinced that inbound is the way forward, not just for ourselves but for our clients."

- Amit Vyas

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