NP Group Increases Leads by 60X With HubSpot

Founded in 1998, NP Group has developed into a specialist technology recruitment company with a global presence. However, its online marketing needed an overhaul. Until 2017, it outsourced its website management, which meant that making changes was difficult and it was impossible to produce effective digital campaigns. NP Group wanted to take back control and began investigating marketing software solutions. It was looking for a solution that was easy to use and powerful, and HubSpot Marketing Hub ticked all the right boxes. Since signing up, it has increased its website traffic by 5X, and it is attracting 60X more candidate and employer leads every month.


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic


Increase in organic traffic

NP Group Team


NP Group is an award winning international recruitment organisation focused on solving the challenges both clients and candidates face, in a different way. Specialising in technology, NP Group partner with some of the most recognised, innovative and inspiring business across the globe. NP Group’s Strategic Workforce Resourcing, Talent Solutions and Executive Search business units use specialist knowledge to genuinely solve clients and candidates’ recruitment problems. NP Group have been recognised by Best Companies as ‘one to watch’ and are in the Recruiter Fast 50 as one of the fastest growing UK recruitment companies.

From a Static Website to All-In With Inbound

By 2017, NP Group was a force to be reckoned within the technology recruitment sector, but its own online marketing left a lot to be desired.

“We lacked the ability to build campaigns that attracted candidates and employers to our website and engage with our services,” explains Emily Williams, now marketing manager at NP Group. “We had outsourced the management of our website to a company that worked on the Drupal platform, so we had no way to make changes ourselves. We had to speak with them every time we needed a change made, and of course, had to pay them to do it. The result was a static brochure website that did little to attract or convert visitors.”

NP Group needed to be able to make updates to its websites so that it could nurture its prospects in a more strategic way.

“As things stood, follow-ups were the responsibility of the individual departments. It was very ad-hoc, and we knew that opportunities were slipping through the cracks.”

Emily began to investigate marketing automation software and considered building a system based on point solutions like MailChimp. However, she decided that juggling multiple tools would be inefficient and time consuming for a small in-house marketing team.

“I was looking for an all-in-one solution and HubSpot Marketing Hub kept appearing at the top of the search results, plus it had great reviews on third-party websites. It was everything we were looking for – easy to use, with all the features we needed and excellent support. I did look at some other options, but nothing else had the same levels of functionality.”

She also liked the HubSpot ethos and the level of guidance it offered its clients.

“It was obvious from reading the HubSpot blog that it approached marketing in the right way. After speaking to a HubSpot rep, it was also clear that this was a company that would take an active role in our success. We signed on the dotted line in 2017.”

"HubSpot offered us a quick and effective way to modernise our marketing."

Emily Williams

Marketing Manager

NP Group

Getting Set Up for Success with HubSpot

NP Group got straight to work transforming its website with HubSpot’s marketing software. It now has an active blog and a repository of content that includes a jobs page, whitepapers, brochures, infographics, presentations and case studies. 

“The aim was to have a living, breathing site that showed the market that we are experts in what we do. We also wanted to keep our visitors engaged, so we added Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage visitors to share their details,” says Emily.  

NP Group has two different types of persona that it wants to attract – employers and candidates. 

“Obviously, they have very different needs, and we need to make sure that we nurture them in the right way. Each lead gets targeted communications based on their interests, what they have downloaded and their stage in the funnel.”

NP Group was starting from scratch with inbound marketing, so it took full advantage of all the support on offer from its HubSpot implementation specialist. 

“We talked every week while I was getting everything set up, and nothing was too much trouble. He walked me through the tool and methodology behind it as well.”

These days, Emily regularly speaks with her customer success manager about how to further NP Group’s marketing strategy. 

“HubSpot Marketing Hub is so easy to navigate – I got up to speed with it really quickly. It’s a real time saver; I can automate repetitive tasks and concentrate on creating campaigns that get results. And I know that if I ever do run into a problem, I can just reach out to HubSpot Support and they’ll get back to me right away.”

"Inbound marketing was new ground for us, but HubSpot made sure we were supported every step of the way."

- Emily Williams

Results on the Rise

NP Group’s new inbound strategy is certainly paying off. Since it started using HubSpot Marketing Hub, its website traffic has increased by 6X, while employer and candidate leads have risen by an amazing 60X.

“The in-built SEO tools have really been working for us. The majority of our website traffic is organic and we rank at the top of Google’s search results for several keywords,” says Emily.

The plan is to capitalise on that success and do even more with the platform.

“We’re using HubSpot to promote our events, and we’re also developing a content strategy to make sure that we rank for topics that are important to our sector. It’s an ongoing journey and I’m continually learning new things that I can do to help leverage NP Group’s digital strategy.”

Emily would recommend the HubSpot software to any other recruitment company that wants to achieve more with its marketing.

“We started with a blank slate, and now we have a fully developed marketing pipeline. We’re engaging with our prospects in a way that just wasn’t possible before.”

"HubSpot has helped us go from zero to sixty with our marketing, and we plan to keep that momentum going."

- Emily Williams

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