One World Center Increases Leads by 57% in One Year Using HubSpot’s Free Marketing Tool

One World Center is a research non-profit organization that runs humanitarian training programs. In 2016, they grew their team and set an aggressive new leads goal – and with these changes, they realized their manual data entry was not scalable. They started using HubSpot Marketing Free and HubSpot’s free CRM, and within a year, had increased their leads by 57% – and doubled their close rate since it gave them more time to focus on interacting with leads and really making connections with them.


Increase in leads in one year


Increase in close rate


Hours saved per person per day on manual data entry


One World Center is a research non-profit organization with a mission to inspire and empower ordinary people to take action against worldwide poverty and climate change. They run comprehensive training programs in Brazil, Africa, and Central America that help aspiring humanitarian workers study global poverty and prepare for a career in humanitarian work.

The Need for Leads

One World Center had just expanded their small team from two people to four. It was early 2016, and they had set a goal to dramatically increase the number of leads coming in. A lead for them is someone who fills out a form to learn more about their humanitarian training programs.

However, at this point, their team didn’t have a proper system in place to handle more leads. They were using spreadsheets to manually collect lead information from the forms on their website, and then manually entering this information into their contact database. It was a tedious process that took hours out of every day that they knew they could be spending on more meaningful marketing and sales tasks.

With a growing team and growing lead volume, the team quickly realized this system of manual data entry was not scalable. To increase lead volume and allow themselves more time to connect with these leads on a human level, they would need a better, more automated system that fit into their budget.

When they found HubSpot Marketing Free and combined it with HubSpot’s free CRM, they saved hours every day on manual data entry, and they saw an immediate increase in lead volume without any extra work.

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"Thanks to HubSpot Marketing Free, we no longer have to waste time entering people in the database. We can focus on our human interaction and let HubSpot take care of the data entry."

Jennifer Thorman

Enrollment Advisor

One World Center

Goodbye, Manual Data Entry; Hello Leads

Using HubSpot Marketing Free, the team at One World Center started collecting all the new leads that come in through their website into their contact database – even those coming in from non-HubSpot forms embedded on their website. This contact information then auto-populates in HubSpot CRM so they can follow up as needed.

“The nice thing about HubSpot Marketing Free is that it integrates with the tools we have already invested in, without a lot of effort – like our CRM, our website, and Google,” says Jennifer Thorman, an enrollment advisor for One World Center’s programs.

Not only were they saving time and effort, but they were also able to increase the leads coming in at the top of the funnel. Their lead numbers increased by 17% in the first month of switching from manual data entry to HubSpot Marketing Free. A year later, they’ve increased leads by 57%.

This increase is thanks in part to the lead flows and collected forms tools in HubSpot Marketing Free. Thorman and her team used the lead flows tool to add pop-up forms to different pages on their website, and they used the collected forms tool to collect submissions from the existing, non-HubSpot forms they already had on their website.

“We really started frontloading our pipeline because we were collecting people’s information from more forms and in different ways,” says Thorman. “Now, we’re able to have a much better response rate in our email sequences because we have time to actually engage with our leads.”

Learning More About Their Website Visitors

Although increasing lead volume was the team’s main goal, Thorman says the biggest benefit of using HubSpot Marketing Free was unexpected: It’s the ability to track user behavior on your website for everyone who filled out a lead form.

“Before implementing HubSpot Marketing Free, we were relying on people self-reporting where they came from by asking that additional question on a form,” says Thorman. “Now, we can tell management where people are coming from and how they found us.”

For example, before Thorman started using HubSpot Marketing Free, only two people who filled out their lead form self-reported that they came in from Google AdWords. Last month, a year after implementing HubSpot Marketing Free, Thorman was able to report that exactly 266 people had come from Google Ads. That accuracy was critical in doling out their budget.

“The accuracy of our source statistics is through the roof,” says Thorman. “There are very few unknowns now. We can tell when people come from a poster, a link on another site, a Facebook ad, and so on.”

Every week, when Thorman meets with the management team to go over traffic and lead statistics, she pulls all of those numbers directly out of HubSpot’s free tools.

“Thanks to HubSpot Marketing Free, we no longer have to waste time entering people in the database,” says Thorman. “We can focus on our human interaction and let HubSpot take care of the data entry.”

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