Paranet Increases Organic Leads By 2000% Using HubSpot

Paranet needed a way to maintain their website, and generate leads from it. Not only this, they sought the rich lead intelligence that would allow them to nurture leads to the point of sale, and the analytics to measure their efforts throughout the whole process.


increase in monthly organic leads


increase in web traffic


increase in landing page conversions

Paranet Team

About Paranet

Paranet provides managed IT services and consulting to companies in order to align their technology needs with their business goals.

Measurable results:

  • Organic leads increased from 4/month to over 109/month in less than a year
  • 148% increase in traffic
  • Climbed from 100+ to first page in SEO rankings for “IT Due Diligence”
  • Landing page conversions increased from 3% to 33% with some hitting up to 50%


Paranet provides managed IT services and consulting. Their marketing goals were to increase organic traffic, capture leads from the new traffic, and nurture those leads throughout the buying cycle. To achieve these goals, they needed a system to manage content on their static website and the ability to capture leads from the website. To measure their success, it was crucial to have reliable analytics on the performance of their marketing efforts.

How HubSpot helped:

HubSpot has allowed Paranet to easily manage their website and upload new content on a regular basis. The SEO tool has allowed them to climb to the first page in SEO ranking for “IT due diligence,” one of their top keywords. HubSpotLanding Pagesallows them to easily build, clone and A/B test pages while the Calls To Action tool gives them the freedom to add calls-to-action in their blog posts to capture leads. In his own words, “HubSpot’s Landing Pages and Calls to Action tools have allowed us to easily create forms and buttons to capture early and middle funnel leads that were slipping through the cracks.” Once the leads are captured, the Email Marketing tool helps them with lead nurturing to keep the leads in the sales cycle while, the Marketing Automation tools help to automate the process. To measure the impact of the marketing activities, the HubSpot Analytics tool provides a high level overview of traffic and most importantly, lead performance, which is a crucial marketing challenge for Paranet’s success. They can now easily compare the performance to previous months, without having to deal with excel. Lastly, the content Marketplace gives them the freedom to integrate new apps and extend their marketing functionality.

What would you say to others considering HubSpot?

“Any business looking for a scalable and repeatable method of getting leads needs HubSpot. Marketing has shifted from outbound focused to inbound and HubSpot gives your marketing department the right tools to easily build a powerful inbound marketing website.”

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