HubSpot Partner Spotlight: Penguin Strategies

Prior to partnering with HubSpot, Penguin Strategies were delivering services to their clients, but they weren't in a position to dictate the best course of action or add additional services to increase revenue. Penguin Strategies became a HubSpot partner in 2014 and has since experienced exponential growth.

About Penguin Strategies

Penguin Strategies is a Tel Aviv based marketing agency focused on helping business-to-business technology companies both in Israel and the US execute inbound marketing strategies to drive lead growth. Penguin Strategies is also a Platinum tiered HubSpot partner.

A Growth Partnership

Penguin Strategies became a HubSpot partner in 2014. Perry Nalevka, CEO and Co-Founder, explains, “HubSpot really resonated with us because they not only brought a technology, but a methodology that helps us offer additional services and value to our clients.”

The decision to partner with HubSpot has been a fruitful one, both for Penguin Strategies and their customers. Perry says, “HubSpot has helped us formulate the methodology, strategy and services to help them grow but also help us grow." 

The HubSpot partner programme has also provided the team at Penguin with an invaluable and unique resource - the HubSpot partner community. Perry says, “Through the HubSpot community you can learn so much to help grow not only your own business, but your customers as well.”

As well as delighting their customers with great results, they’re also attracting a new pool of customers that are "bigger and a better fit."

"In just 20 months we have reached Diamond Partner level with HubSpot. This has been an incredible ride and the growth we've experienced would have been unimaginable. Our monthly revenue is 17 times more than it was when we started 20 short months ago. Much of our success to due to the HubSpot agency team who helped along the way and have been amazing and instrumental in not only reaching diamond but helping me build a successful business."

"HubSpot has helped us formulate the methodology, strategy and services to help them grow but also help us grow."

Perry Nalevka

CEO & Co-Founder

Penguin Strategies

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