Payroll Services Company Attracts 550 Blog Subscribers in 6 Months

PrimePay was using an SEO agency for website optimization and updates. However, this alone didn't help PrimePay produce any actual customers or sales numbers. PrimePay needed information about their visitors, and the analytics to measure the results of her efforts, and to gain actionable knowledge about her marketing performance.


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conversion rate on landing pages

PrimePay Team

About PrimePay

PrimePay provides businesses with payroll and tax filing services with over 30 offices nationwide.

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With more than 30 offices nationwide, PrimePay provides businesses with payroll and tax filing services. Nancy Mullin, PrimePay's Manager of Marketing & Interactive Services, recently explained how she uses HubSpot Large to grow her company’s blog following and lead conversions.

Challenge: Inability to Measure Results of Agency-Delivered SEO

Prior to starting with HubSpot, PrimePay was using an SEO agency for website optimization and updates. However, this didn’t increase sales or provide Nancy with the information she needed to measure results and gain actionable knowledge about her marketing performance.

Solution: Content Creation without a Web Developer

Nancy’s favorite thing about HubSpot is the accessibility and integration of different content creation tools. She loves the ease with which she can create blog articles, landing pages, forms and web pages without any help from a web developer or an IT expert.

Nancy uses HubSpot’s Blogging Platform to develop well-optimized posts that present her company as an industry resource. “It has helped us promote the PrimePay brand and portrays us as more than just a payroll service and more like a knowledge or information partner,” she said.

HubSpot’s Landing Pages have also empowered Nancy to easily create marketing offers and promos. She ties them to her HubSpot lead nurturing campaigns to leverage the power of a single conversion event and build strong relationships with prospects. As Nancy said, HubSpot’s Lead Nurturing allows her sales team, made up of a significant number of outside and inside reps, to “automate the process of continuous communication with a targeted group of prospects.” The sales reps use pre-set emails with related industry tips to develop meaningful conversations with leads that ultimately increase the likelihood of a sale.

Results: Saving Money with Blog Growth & High Lead Conversions

  • Attracted over 550 blog subscribers in 6 months
  • Reached a 27% conversion rate for landing pages
  • Saving ~$6,000 on paid search efficiencies

In just over 6 months, Nancy has been able to increase PrimePay's blog following to over 550 subscribers. This content asset has positioned PrimePay as an industry thought leader and a trust agent. What's more, Nancy's valuable blog posts and marketing offers have gained the company a considerable competitive advantage over other payroll service providers.

Blog Subscribers PrimePay

Nancy has achieved such success with the blog and landing pages because she realized the importance of continuous content creation—both in terms of website optimization and building a trusted brand. "You have to stick with it," she said, reiterating the advice her HubSpot consultant gave her.

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