ProClinical Doubles Its Year-On-Year Revenue With HubSpot

ProClinical is a life sciences recruitment company, founded in the UK in 2005. It has grown significantly over the years and now has offices in eight locations worldwide. However, as ProClinical expanded, it found that the ad-hoc marketing solutions it was using were no longer fit for purpose. It wanted to get more traffic to its website and to segment and nurture those leads more effectively. It found its answer with HubSpot. Since then, it has increased leads by 15X and doubled marketing associated revenue year-on-year.


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic

ProClinical Team


Founded in 2005, ProClinical is a global recruitment company that operates exclusively within the life sciences industry. It provides highly skilled candidates for roles across the entire drug or product lifecycle, from research and development, compliance and manufacturing through to commercialisation. It has filled thousands of vacancies at pharma, biotech and medical device companies throughout Europe, Asia and the US. ProClinical is supported by local teams of recruitment consultants in London, Basel, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Singapore.

From Fragmented Tools to a Complete Inbound Solution

Life sciences recruitment company ProClinical had grown from two employees to over 100 in ten years, and filled thousands of highly-skilled vacancies at companies around the world. However, its marketing activities had not kept up with the pace, according to Peter Hogg, global marketing manager with the company.

“We had a fragmented set of point solutions that weren’t working well together. For example, we used Dotmailer to send job notification emails to people in our database, but tailoring emails for different segments was a laborious process. We were using Google Analytics on our website, but it wasn’t giving us enough information on who our users were. We couldn’t tell on an individual basis if they had come to us through organic search or PPC advertising, which made proving the ROI of our activities difficult.”

The ProClinical sales team were using traditional methods, such as cold calling and networking, to attract the high-value candidates they needed to fill positions.

“We did not get a lot of inbound candidates coming to our website, and the ones we did lacked the skills and experience for our clients’ needs. The employers we deal with want people with specialised expertise – we work in a niche, highly skilled segment. We needed to find a way to get more qualified candidates onto our website.”

ProClinical began its search for an integrated marketing solution that would allow it to target, segment and nurture candidates, as well as employers more effectively. When a keynote speaker at a marketing seminar recommended the HubSpot Marketing Platform, Peter was intrigued.

“We did our research and found that HubSpot had everything we needed, from email marketing to analytics to SEO, all in the one place. Each element worked together, which would allow us to build a progressive profile of our visitors and move them down the funnel quickly and easily. Then, with HubSpot Sales, our recruitment consultants could save time and have more informed conversations with their prospects.”

The decision, says Peter, was an easy one. ProClinical signed up to become a HubSpot growth stack customer, using both HubSpot Marketing and Sales, in 2013.

"From automation to analytics, the HubSpot software had everything we needed to supercharge our inbound marketing."

Peter Hogg

Global Marketing Manager


Getting Personal With the HubSpot Growth Stack

Peter got started with the HubSpot Marketing Platform by creating personas for ProClinical’s different types of visitors.

“We set up two different candidate personas – the first is a person looking for a permanent position and the second is someone who wants a contract job. On the client side, we have a line manager persona and a HR manager persona, because actually their roles are very different.”

These personas became the hooks that would drive ProClinical’s content and marketing strategy. Peter set up Blogs to cater to their different interests and used the Social Inbox to promote his posts across social media.

“The ability to post to multiple social media accounts at the same time has been really useful for us. Our recruitment consultants are connected to hundreds of people each on platforms like LinkedIn. By setting up automatic posts to their profiles, rather than just to our own followers, we are reaching a massive network of people. We’ve had a lot of success with that – one of the blog posts we shared brought 40,000 visitors to our site in just one month.”

ProClinical set up Landing Pages with Smart Content that adapts to the visitor’s location and stage in the funnel, and it uses Smart CTAs and Smart Forms across its entire website. Contacts are then entered into various Smart Lists, based on their behaviour and characteristics.

“We use the lists to schedule automated Email campaigns, which are much more targeted and personalised than they were before. For example, we’ll address a prospect in Singapore slightly differently to the way we address a UK prospect, and we’ll send them both emails that correspond to their time zones. These little tweaks would take hours to do manually, but with the HubSpot software, we can do it with a couple of clicks.”

As a recruitment business, ProClinical uses an applicant tracking system, Bullhorn, to store data about potential candidates. It has integrated this with the HubSpot software, so information can be shared between the two systems. This means that the ProClinical now has full view on every piece of information that it has collected on each prospect, all in the one place.

"Thanks to the HubSpot growth stack, we’re saving time and getting the kind of results we always wanted. It’s been invaluable to our business."

- Peter Hogg

Big Changes Bring Big Results

Since becoming a HubSpot growth stack customer, ProClinical has increased its website traffic by 14X, going from 5,000 visitors per month to an average of 70,000.

“We’re seeing a lot more visitors from the US - they make up about a third of our total traffic now. The HubSpot software is helping us to reach a much larger audience,” says Peter.

ProClinical’s leads are up by 15X – from 80 a month to 1,200 – and it has also reduced its spend on PPC advertising.

“Now we only use PPC if we want to run a very targeted campaign – we find that the SEO features and the Blog are enough on their own.”

That sought-after ROI has materialised as well – revenue is up 2X year-on-year. Peter says that the company’s long-term plans are centred around international expansion.

“The US market is a particular area of focus for us. We have two offices on the East Coast, and HubSpot has already helped us to build brand awareness and generate leads. So really, we are going to continue to use it to do more of the same. The plan is to expand even further, grow even bigger, and become a leader in that territory.”

"I would recommend the HubSpot software to any other business that wants to get serious results from their inbound marketing."

- Peter Hogg

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