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ProfileMedia was set up in Switzerland in 2014 and faced the challenge of introducing inbound marketing to a territory where the concept was relatively unknown. The company soon realised that the inbound tools it was using weren’t powerful or integrated enough to achieve the goals it had for itself and its customers. It became a HubSpot Partner and since then, has become the go-to inbound agency in its marketplace, generating 100% of its business from retainers.


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Inbound marketing agency ProfileMedia was founded in 2014 in Switzerland by Roger Meili, a marketing expert with over 30 years of experience in the business. It provides lead generation, SEO, website optimisation, content marketing, blogging, web design, email marketing, and social media services to its clients. ProfileMedia was HubSpot’s first Partner in the Swiss market and today all of its own marketing activities and those of its customers are driven through the HubSpot software.

Agency Moving Into Inbound Marketing Requires Out-of-the-Box Thinking

With over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, Roger Meili was well aware that the death knell was sounding for old-fashioned outbound marketing. In 2014, he founded marketing agency ProfileMedia to give clients an easy way to implement inbound marketing in their own businesses.

As a new business, ProfileMedia naturally wanted to generate traffic and gain more leads. However, it was using disparate tools to achieve this, including Kentico, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook, Xing, and LinkedIn. This unintegrated method proved inefficient, says Roger; it simply wasn’t producing the results the company needed.

“I thought if it’s like this for us, and we’re marketing professionals, how difficult will it be for our customers?”

He began searching for an integrated solution that would work for both ProfileMedia and its clients, evaluating software including Marketo, Eloqua and Infusionsoft. However, none of them proved to be the all-in-one solution he was looking for.

For the business to succeed, he needed more powerful features and price points that would suit his future customers. He turned to HubSpot. After a free trial of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, Roger was convinced. “HubSpot is not just a solution; it’s a blueprint of how to do inbound marketing. It brings everything together and makes it easy and simple.”

"The HubSpot software and Partner Program was the clear winner. It’s the number one platform worldwide, and it had the features, price points, and the strong support infrastructure we needed."

Roger Meili



Setting the Scene for Success With HubSpot

ProfileMedia became a HubSpot Partner, completing the onboarding process in September 2014. Roger says that it didn’t take him long to become confident using the HubSpot software.

“It didn’t require a lot of training. Once you understand the inbound marketing methodology, it is easy to work on the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Everything can be managed from the one place – the website and the blog, as well as our email marketing, SEO, and CRM. On the sales and marketing side, the training we received was more like coaching; we discussed sales strategy, how to approach the customer, how to set up the product for them, and how HubSpot can help.”

The first task was to use the HubSpot software to get visitors to the company’s website and then turn those visitors into leads. ProfileMedia used the Social Inbox and the Blog App to promote its own inbound marketing content, which included reports, ebooks and videos. It soon received a huge boost to its visitor traffic and nurtured these new leads with Landing Pages and automated Workflows.

The next challenge was to start pitching the HubSpot Marketing Platform to potential customers – no easy feat in the Swiss market. “We are pioneers in this territory, which is three to five years behind on inbound marketing,” says Roger. “We had to educate people on the concept.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software we can clearly show ROI – our marketing has become very transparent."

- Roger Meili

More Visitors, Leads and Clients

Through a mix of education and demonstrable results, ProfileMedia has succeeded in winning over clients and to date, it has sold over 10 HubSpot licenses to its customers. It focusses on retainer work, offering long-term contracts to customers who need help producing their content and contracts of three to six months to clients who need initial coaching on implementing the inbound model in their companies.

The majority of ProfileMedia’s clients haven’t used inbound marketing before; in fact, according to Roger, they are sometimes not prepared for just how powerful it can be.

“One of our customers is in the sauna business, and he wanted more leads for his infrared product. He told me, ‘I don’t have a big margin on this, so I need to automate the leads process as much as possible’. We set up a campaign and within three months, he was getting 30 leads a month, compared to none before. He wasn’t expecting it to be so successful, so that was something else we had to manage, the sales process afterwards.”

It is these tangible gains that Roger believes leads customers to renew their contracts with ProfileMedia.  The agency has also seen impressive results within its own company. Before it implemented the HubSpot software, “we had zero infrastructure, zero traffic, zero leads, and zero customers,” admits Roger. However, that picture has now changed dramatically.

Within 12 months, the company was averaging 1,200 website visitors per month. Today, it has over 700 leads in the pipeline, a recurring turnover of $40,000 per month and is growing at 50% per year. During 2016, Roger plans to make even more gains and achieve 30 high-potential leads and one new customer every month.

In the longer term, he predicts that the German-speaking market will move away from outbound marketing and fully embrace inbound marketing. By becoming a HubSpot Partner, ProfileMedia has gotten in on the ground floor of this shift, future proofed its business, and is well placed to lead the way in its territory.

“The HubSpot software is the all-in-one solution that works for our business and our customers – it’s easy, fast, powerful, and flexible.”

"Our customers want to know that the money they have invested is being put to work, and we can show them that it is – they are getting more visitors, more leads, more downloads, and more business."

- Roger Meili

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