Healthcare Services Success Story - Prophecy Healthcare Inc.

During a rebranding transition, Prophecy Healthcare was at risk of losing their SEO. They didn't have proper budget allocated for this digital move, and the majority of their budget was going towards conferences and paid search ads. They needed an affordable solution for marketing self-sufficiency.


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Prophecy Healthcare, Inc. Team

About Prophecy

Prophecy Professional Services is the most experienced consulting services for Healthcare Staffing companies related to Joint Commission Certification, Healthcare Staffing Startup Support, and Clinical Operations and Risk Management. 15 years of healthcare staffing experience and 45 Joint Commission Health Care Staffing services certifications to our credit.

About The Company

Originally founded in 2004 as, Prophecy Healthcare got its start as the first online Pre-Employment Testing Company exclusive to the Healthcare Industry. Given the current nursing shortage, hospitals are cross-training staff to help fill voids in units with high turnover rates. Healthcare reform continues to further mandate transparency of and reimbursement based on quality of care and patient satisfaction data. Therefore finding the right nurse is now more important than ever. The Prophecy approach offers the ability to find candidates with the clinical hard skills, personality attributes, and desired soft skills to match each organization.

I HubSpot because...interpreting website analytics has never been more fun!


  • Prophecy Health was going through a corporate name change and website redirect. After 7 years of being ranked #1 by search engines on their top key words – nurse competency testing, nurse testing, and clinical competencies - they knew making the website change could drastically reduce their inbound leads and negatively impact revenue if not managed properly.
  • During the website transition, Prophency Health lost their Director of User Experience whom they solely relied on for website optimization and product design. At a time when they needed expert advice on website SEO and content creation, their resources were becoming more depleted than ever.
  • The majority of their marketing budget was allocated toward attending conferences and managing Google Ad Words. However, their marketing efforts lacked focus on their easiest moneymaker – their own website. They outsourced design components to a freelance graphic designer, assuming that the site was organized in a way that maximized search engine spiders and optimization.

How HubSpot Helped

  • By utilizing the HubSpot Learning Center, two Prophecy team members, with no SEO/Website marketing background, were able to become in-house experts within weeks.
  • Prophecy used HubSpot’s Keyword Grader Tool to maximize their AdWords campaign. By comparing analytics in HubSpot with their highest paying words in AdWords they are able to more effectively maximize webpages to generate organic searches.
  • With HubSpot’s Prospect Intelligence Tool, Prophecy Health was able to watch a lead navigate their site and they could then dial in on what that prospect was hoping to use their services for prior to the initial personal contact. They can link this information with lead nurturing campaigns that educated their prospects on these topics and allowed Prophecy to showcase their industry expertise for competency testing advice.

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"The immediate analytics made available allow you to watch your marketing efforts pay off taking the guesswork out of web 2.0 SEO. We have recommended the HubSpot Software to our partners, and would continue to recommend this for anyone wanting a cost effective way to optimize!”

"HubSpot Software allows companies to create search engine optimized sites at a fraction of the price of hiring a web-page engineer. Through the educational webinar series and expansive Learning Center resources available, HubSpot positions organizations to take search engine optimization into their own hands.”

Meredith Juengel

Director of Relationship Management, Prophecy Healthcare

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