Qinnovation Expands its Business as a HubSpot Partner

Qinnovation started life helping clients to implement CRMs, but by 2015, it had expanded into digital marketing. It knew that the right automation solution would be critical to achieving success in this new era, and it joined the HubSpot Partner Program. Since then, it has become a leading force for inbound marketing in Dubai and the Middle East. 80% of its customers are on retainer, and it has boosted revenue by 100%.


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Qinnovation Team


Based in Dubai Internet City, Qinnovation is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Middle East. Founded by business leaders with more than 20 years’ industry experience, its comprehensive range of services includes lead generation, SEO, digital advertising, social media, ecommerce, website design and general marketing consultation.

Entering the Inbound Arena

Founded in 2013, Dubai-based Qinnovation initially helped its clients with CRM implementation. By 2015, it had expanded into the digital marketing space, and began offering services such as content production, SEO and web development.

“We realised that to be truly successful, we needed to adopt the inbound methodology and get all of our activities working together as a well-oiled machine. We decided that an all-in-one marketing automation solution was the best way forward,” explains Imad Choucair, Founder and Chief Architect of Qinnovation.

The agency did its due diligence on a number of platforms, but it was the HubSpot software that really captured its imagination for its powerful features, modern and friendly user interface.

“We were impressed that it was easy to use but also powerful; it offered the path to results that our clients were asking for. They all want to attract more visitors, develop them into leads and ultimately close sales, and the HubSpot software makes all that possible.”

Qinnovation wanted to use the platform for both itself and its clients, so it joined the HubSpot Partner Program in 2015.

"We wanted to help our clients develop and execute their entire inbound marketing strategy, and the HubSpot Partner Program offered us the perfect way forward."

Imad Choucair

Founder and Chief Architect


Capturing Leads and Convincing Clients

Awareness of the inbound methodology is still emerging in the Middle East, and Qinnovation knew that to convince potential clients, it would have to show them how valuable it can be.

Qinnovation has leveraged the HubSpot software on its own website, which is an example of all that can be achieved when inbound is done right. It has content on Landing Pages and a regularly updated blog, as well as Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage engagement.

“We use the SEO tools and the Social Inbox to drive visitors to our site, and once we have captured those leads, we nurture them through the funnel with lead scoring and tightly targeted Workflows. We also use the CRM to keep our interactions with every prospect on track, from lead capture to sales handover. We love the interface, it’s so user friendly.”

The agency’s efforts have not gone unrewarded. Leads started flowing in within weeks, and Qinnovation has already turned several of them into customers.

“We often introduce them to inbound through the HubSpot CRM. We start them off using that and once they see how effective it is, we show them how it can be even better when it’s paired with the Marketing software. We also offer training courses on inbound, which is both an extra revenue stream and a means to convert more leads.”

"Creating content is just one part of effective inbound. With the HubSpot software, we can help our clients to execute a truly holistic strategy."

Roshni Dutta Gupta

Business Analyst


Making Waves as a HubSpot Partner

As a HubSpot Partner, Qinnovation is making its mark in the UAE marketplace. It has increased its web traffic by 450%, gets 50 new leads every month and has boosted its revenue by 100%. The agency now has seven customers on the HubSpot software, and it has become a HubSpot Silver Tier Partner.

“We get the overwhelming majority – 70% – of our leads through inbound. Then, when we convert them to clients, we find them willing to sign up for longer and more lucrative contracts with us. 80% are now on retainer, which gives us predictable income and allows us to plan further ahead.”

The agency’s clients are seeing equally impressive results.

One of our first customers, Right Bite, which is a healthy food company, had virtually no online presence except for a static homepage. We got them on the HubSpot software and helped them to completely revamp their website. Since then, they have improved their search engine rankings considerably. Traffic to their site has increased by 250%, and they have seen a 150% rise in leads.”

Qinnovation has big plans for the future, and Roshni says that its HubSpot Partnership is going to be key part of them.

“We want to become a Gold Tier Partner by the end of the year. After that we want to become the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, and with HubSpot’s help, we’re confident that we can make that happen.”

"The HubSpot Partner Program helped us to transition into the successful, full-service inbound marketing agency that we are today."

- Roshni Dutta Gupta

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