Red Points Boosts Leads by 3X With HubSpot

Red Points helps companies to defend against content piracy and product counterfeiting and by 2015, it was on a mission to widen its customer base. It knew that marketing would be the key to getting the traffic and leads it needed, but the point solutions it was using weren’t working well together. Its search for an all-in-one automation platform led it to HubSpot. Since signing up, Red Points has increased its web traffic by 4X and its leads by 3X.


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Founded in 2011 in Barcelona, Red Points protects intellectual property and assets online. With its cutting-edge technology, it scans marketplaces, websites and social media to identify trademark and copyright infringements. The Red Points platform has site-specific removal tools to ensure that infringements are taken down. Red Points stands apart from its competitors as it uses machine-learning on its platform, allowing for ever-increasing efficiency at a cost effective fee. Red Points works with leading publishers, content owners, brands, consumer goods and sports companies across the world, and it is disrupting the IP protection industry.

From Too Many Tools to One Powerful Solution

Founded in 2011 in Barcelona, Red Points helps its clients to protect their intellectual property and assets online. It uses sophisticated machine-learning capabilities to make it the most comprehensive efficient solution, and it counts some of the largest companies in the world, including Condé Nast and Universal, as customers. By 2015, it was ready to widen its user base to include all business sizes.

“Big brands aren’t the only ones fighting piracy and counterfeiting, and we wanted to capitalise on that. To succeed, we knew we would need to supercharge our marketing. However, we were using a collection of different tools – MailChimp, WordPress, Instapage and many others – which just wasn’t practical. They didn’t work well together, so it was difficult to pursue a cohesive strategy and prove the ROI of our actions,” explains Marc Gassó Busquets, demand generation marketing manager at Red Points.

Marc’s search for an all-in-one marketing solution led him to the HubSpot website.

“It answered all of the questions that we had about the inbound methodology, and we were also impressed by the library of resources on offer and the blog. It was clear that this was a company that was truly invested in its customers.”

The next step was to evaluate the HubSpot software.

“It was easy to use, and it had all the features we needed. We would be able to sync up all of our activities and start gathering the analytics that we had been missing. We also looked at Marketo, which our CMO had used in a previous role, but the HubSpot software offered a more straightforward route to success.”

The decision was made, and Red Points signed up with HubSpot in 2015.

"The HubSpot software was easy to use yet powerful, and that was a winning combination for us."

Marc Gassó Busquets

Demand Generation Manager

Red Points

Taking a Data-Driven Approach

Red Points took a leaf out of the HubSpot playbook and created a library of resources for its visitors, including ebooks, how-to videos, toolkits and webinars. It started running its blog through the Blog App and used the Social Inbox to promote its content across social media.

“We then started looking more closely at our inbound strategy. We set up our buyer personas, which range from SMEs to enterprise-level clients, and we added Workflows to nurture them through the pipeline. The HubSpot Academy was incredibly helpful as we built that out. We found answers to every question that we had, as well as advice on how to get the most out of the HubSpot software.”

Marc is also a fan of HubSpot’s certification courses.

“They are a great way to get everyone in the team onto the same page. We encourage all our new entry level hires to complete the Inbound Certification, because it helps them to grasp the fundamentals from day one.”

Before signing up with HubSpot, Red Points found it difficult to determine whether campaigns were working or not – that has all changed.

“With HubSpot Marketing Analytics, we’re able to trace our success. We can see the visitor’s entire journey with us, from where they came from to what they have downloaded.  We’re not shooting in the dark anymore; we’re refining our content and making smarter, data-driven decisions,” says Marc.

Red Points sells quite a complex product, and its customers have differing needs. Now it can be sure that each visitor is cultivated in a targeted way.

“We use Smart Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms to give our prospects content that is relevant to their persona and stage in the buyer’s funnel. As a result, we have less lead churn and our prospects are more engaged. ”

The company’s efforts started to pay off almost immediately, and its visitor and lead numbers have continued to grow.

“We simply wouldn’t be able to manage them all without the automation capabilities of the HubSpot software. It has made our lives so much easier and given us a real platform for growth.”

"Short of doing my job for me, I couldn’t ask for anything more from the HubSpot software."

Gordon McConnell

Content Marketing Manager

Red Points

The Inbound Effect

Since partnering with HubSpot, Red Points has seen some tremendous results.

“In the past 12 months, our website traffic has increased by 4X, and our leads are up by over 3X. We’re growing exponentially, and generating 1,000 leads each month, that’s thanks to the HubSpot software.”

The company now gets 30% of its leads through inbound – it used to get close to none – and it ranks on the first page of Google for its main keywords.

“That’s huge for us, because we are competing against big companies that are well-established in the marketplace.”

“We have quite a long sales cycle, and our outbound leads don’t just say ‘yes’ right away. They are reading our content, registering for webinars – our inbound work is helping us to clinch more deals.”

Red Points is about to close a third round of investment, and its long-term goal is to become the ultimate resource for brand and trademark management.

“The HubSpot software has been a big part of our growth so far, and that’s not going to change. In fact, we plan to use it even more!”

"The HubSpot software is the only marketing automation tool you will ever need – I can’t recommend it highly enough."

- Marc Gassó Busquets

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