Sberbank Slovenia Gets Strategic with HubSpot

Sberbank Slovenia was getting plenty of visitors to its website, but it was struggling to convert them into qualified leads. It needed a way to nurture prospects through the entire funnel and decided that inbound marketing was the way forward. It teamed up with marketing agency Virtua PR and started using the HubSpot software. With its first campaign, Sberbank Slovenia generated 941 leads and 53 new sales qualified leads.


New leads


New sales qualified leads



Sberbank Slovenia is part of the Sberbank Group, one of the most economically viable financial institutions in the world and the leading bank in Russia. It joined the group in 2012, with the ambition to become even more modern, reliable and customer-oriented. Today, it has 12 branches across Slovenia, and it offers services including loans, bank accounts, deposits, home and foreign payment transactions and currency exchange.

A New Way to Connect With Customers

Sberbank Slovenia was well aware of the importance of connecting with potential customers online. It was actively driving visitors to its site with social media posts, Facebook ads, Display advertising, E-mail campaigns and Google AdWords campaigns. However, the problem was that those visitors weren’t converting into leads with planned conversion rate. That’s when Jasna Suhadolc, managing director of Virtua PR, stepped in.

“They asked for our help with content marketing, and I explained that although content is a crucial part of online success, it isn’t a magic bullet. The inbound methodology offers a much more holistic way to turn visitors into leads and ultimately customers.”

Virtua PR is a HubSpot Silver Tier Partner, and it has already helped several companies to turn their marketing activities around. Jasna knew that it could do the same for Sberbank Slovenia.

“They had heard of the HubSpot software, but they didn’t really know what it could do. Once they saw it in action, they were convinced! We showed them how we could connect the dots between every marketing action and start moving leads down the funnel.”

"Sberbank Slovenia was getting plenty of visitors but they weren’t sticking around long enough to convert into leads. The HubSpot software offered a way to change that."

Jasna Suhadolc

Managing Director

Virtua PR

Building a Blueprint for Success

Sberbank Slovenia had been using different digital marketing tactics with some success, but they felt they need to advance in targeting the right people with the right information.

“We sat down with representatives from all the bank’s departments and that gave us some great insights that we didn’t have before. We defined six personas, both B2B and B2C, and worked out their different needs and pain points.”

The first campaign that Sberbank Slovenia ran was aimed at B2C customers aged 27 to 45, as well as users who had visited the website in the past but who hadn’t converted.

“We created an Excel file on basic financial planning and the aim was to get our prospects to download it. We used the Social Inbox to encourage interest across social media, and directed visitors to blog posts relevant to their needs. We also used the Email App to encourage the bank’s existing contacts to re-engage.”

Although Sberbank Slovenia had used forms on its website in the past, they were used mainly as long sign up forms. That has all changed and they started using shorter forms, asking for less information up front and instead nurturing the leads to get the behavioural information.

“We use Smart Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms that ask for information in a more user-friendly way. Visitors don’t have to answer same question twice, because the form adapts to their stage in the funnel. That helps us build a relationship with them, so they are more likely to respond when the time comes to give their full financial details."

The bank now has a clear view on the value of its marketing, thanks to HubSpot Analytics.

“We can show them how all our actions link up together and prove that they are getting a good return on their investment. They also have a more complete picture of their leads, because they can see what pages they visited and what they downloaded. That makes sales conversations a lot easier.”

"We’re using the HubSpot software to help Sberbank Slovenia connect with its prospects in a meaningful way."

- Jasna Suhadolc

Raising the Bar With Remarkable Results

The main goal of Sberbank Slovenia’s first campaign with the HubSpot software was to generate 200 new leads, and it has definitely exceeded that target.

“We generated 941 leads within weeks and they are of better quality than before because they’ve been nurtured in a more personalised way. We were also able to reduce the cost per lead significantly – for example, the cost per lead with Facebook ads is 3X more.”

The campaign also converted 53 new sales qualified leads and increased web traffic, and Jasna plans to continue the momentum.

“We’re going to run more B2C and B2B campaigns and use the insights we gained to make sure that they are optimised. For example, we had one email with a 52% open rate and a Landing Page with a 22% conversion rate, so we’re going to look at what we did right there so that we can replicate that success.”

"Moving our focus from performance marketing to inbound marketing was the right decision. HubSpot helped us to systematically tackle new area and results in visitors response proved to be positive immediately."

Barbara Franko

Head of Digital Banking

Sberbank Slovenia

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