Select International Increases Online Revenue 101% with Targeted Lifecycle Stage Marketing Automation

Like any other great company, Select International’s overarching marketing goal is to fully support their sales team with high-quality, pre-qualified leads. However, their website was static and un-engaging to leads and their outbound tactics were falling short of leads goals. As a result, they simply weren't able to produce enough high quality leads.


increase in revenue from web leads


increase in dollar amount of Sales Opportunities


increase in web leads

Select International Team

About Select International

Select International provides employee assessment solutions to help organizations identify, select and develop top talent.

About Select International

Select International provides employee assessment solutions to help organizations identify, select and develop top talent. Their employee selection and development solutions are used across all industries, with a focus on manufacturing, healthcare, safety, customer service and sales.

Founded in 1993, Select International is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and maintains offices throughout North America and around the globe.

“I HubSpot because engaging with our prospects in a timely, relevant way is our top priority.”

Kristin Paxton

Marketing Manager

Select International


Like any other great company, Select International’s overarching marketing goal is to fully support their sales team with high-quality, pre-qualified leads. However, a number of barriers kept them from doing so.

Unpersonalized Marketing Communications

Before joining HubSpot in 2011, Select International’s main forms of outreach were direct mailings to purchased lists, and a bi-monthly newsletter blast to their leads. Marketing Manager Kristin Paxton says, “Everybody got the same message, whether they wanted it or not. And based on the high number of unsubscribes and bounces, many of them didn't.”

A Website Built for Design, not Leads and Metrics

In addition to an email strategy that didn’t work to begin an actual conversation with their contacts, Select International’s website also struggled to engage or convert prospects. It was designed to be aesthetically pleasing, not to deliver rich people-centric metrics and data like who was visiting, what pages they were viewing, and what efforts were working to move them towards taking further action.

No Funnel Strategy

Most importantly, these factors added up to an inconvenient truth: they weren’t generating quality leads. Their various marketing efforts weren’t integrated together or based on a strategic approach. “It seemed like we were always pushing our information on people who weren't ready or even interested in our services,” said Kristin.

Building a Content Strategy around Lifecycle Stages

Select International began at the beginning and asked--what kind of content should we be creating? They adopted HubSpot’s Lifecycle Stages to better understand the various pieces of their funnel and what types of content they should be creating for each. Their HubSpot consultant helped them to understand that a new Subscriber at the top of the funnel won’t respond to the same content as a Marketing Qualified Lead who is further down the funnel. They broke down their content across corresponding lifecycle stages, saw where they had gaps, and focused their strategy on filling those gaps with relevant content.

They created more top-of-the-funnel offers like a free whitepaper download with interviewing tips to couple with their bottom-of-the-funnel free trials. Then, they attracted visitors to their site by Blogging about the topics their target audience was searching for, and optimized their blog posts with the integrated SEO tools, an effort that has resulted in a 192% increase in website visitors. Finally, they attached corresponding Calls-to-Action at the bottom of the posts drawing them towards a Landing Page where they could download the relevant offer and enter the HubSpot Lead Management database. These lead generation efforts increased Select International’s online leads 194% in the past year, with a visitor-to-contact conversion rate that has boosted from .94% to 2.62%.

Select International Easily Builds and Tests Calls-to-Action

HubSpot CTAs serve both form and function, with sleek design and robust analytics.

“I always liked the CTA Builder. But now that our website is hosted on the HubSpot CMS, it's even better now. It's so easy to quickly create custom CTAs, as well as alternate versions for A/B testing. And then having the ability to monitor the performance of each.”

Kristin Paxton
Marketing Manager, Select International

Learn More about CTAs

Select International truly adheres to the inbound marketing methodology and the belief that you shouldn’t beat your entire audience over the head with the same message or offering that’s irrelevant to their needs. Instead of leading with and reiterating their in-depth, interactive online training program as a free offer, they began offering these bottom-of-the-funnel opportunities for conversion after a lead had already taken an interest in their company by watching a video about their products or downloading a whitepaper. “We began looking at things from the prospect’s view, and said ‘let’s not hit them with the free trial in the beginning. Let’s get them familiar, establish some credibility, get them somewhat knowledgeable about our program, and then start with the bottom of the funnel offers once they’ve engaged with us a bit.”

Lifecycle Stages helped Select International better understand their funnel, allowing them to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

"I love that we can slice and dice our Contacts by any type of criteria.”

Kristin Paxton

Marketing Manager

Select International

Utilizing Marketing Automation for their Marketing and Sales Teams

How they Personalized Marketing for a Diverse Product Offering and Audience

In order to create the most helpful experience for their leads and deliver the highest quality leads for their sales team, Select International utilizes the volumes of data HubSpot collects about a lead with the Marketing Automation tool Workflows to develop a path down their funnel that ensures their leads are engaged with the right content for them at the right time. “Because of the lead intelligence we have now, it's easy to send relevant follow-up to our contacts.”

Select International offers assessment solutions of various depths, across multiple industries, so it’s important for them to segment their communications. They don’t want to be following up with someone who is interested in learning how to hire better salespeople with the same content as someone who is researching how to hire safer manufacturing employees, and vice versa. Kristin uses Workflows with the integrated Email tool and Contacts Database powered Smart Lists to avoid this problem, “The new Email tool makes it simple to craft a targeted, nice-looking message, and the Lists tool helps to ensure I'm sending the message to only the relevant people. I love that we can slice and dice our Contacts by any type of criteria.”

The result of this targeted Marketing Automation has done much more than save Select International’s Marketing team time, though Kristin does say, “I love the idea that it's all automated, and the steps that I outline are happening automatically.” The Select International Sales team has also become much more efficient since the implementation of personalized Marketing Automation. Before ever getting on a phone call, the lead has already been nurtured with marketing efforts that have worked best to produce warm leads. “Our sales team appreciates the lead nurturing that is taking place before they need to take any action.”

How they Aligned Sales and Marketing with Lead Scoring

The Marketing Team now regularly sits down with the Sales Team to establish which content, follow-ups, and campaigns work the best to produce actual leads and customers. They use this information in HubSpot’s custom Lead Scoring to establish a score that takes into account every touch point a lead has across web and email analytics, such as what brought a visitor to their site in the first place, which pages they’ve viewed, offers they’ve downloaded, and more. This kind of alignment isn’t something they do once and leave in place. They re-visit this process with the Analytics and Reporting to address what’s actually worked, what hasn’t, and what needs to change.

When a lead reaches the lead score based on the criteria Sales has helped to lay out, the rep is automatically notified by an email with other vital information about that lead such as their last conversion event and first touch source. Of her Sales team, Kristin says, “They like that leads are graded according to criteria that we established together, helping them prioritize their follow-up.”

“Our sales team appreciates the lead nurturing that is taking place before they need to take any action.”

Kristin Paxton

Marketing Manager

Select International

A Native Salesforce Integration to Increase Efficiency

By using HubSpot’s native Salesforce Integration, the rep can go into Salesforce once they’ve received a lead notification email and see a history of that lead’s activity with Select International in the HubSpot Lead Intelligence Record, located conveniently inside of their Salesforce Contact Record. From there, the rep has all the information they need to personalize their call to the lead’s specific needs. “The lead intelligence from that snapshot in Salesforce has been invaluable in helping sales with their follow up calls.”

With this newfound alignment of Sales and Marketing efforts, it’s not only much easier for the Sales team to prioritize their leads, but the leads they get have been much higher quality than they were before. In the past year alone, the dollar amount of Sales Opportunities created has increased 416%. Inbound generated leads coming through HubSpot are worth so much, the Select International Sales team has made them their top priority. And thanks to the lead intelligence they get from HubSpot, their follow-up is even more effective.

HubSpot Salesforce Connector

HubSpot's Salesforce Connector pulls a lead's entire history of marketing interactions into Select International's Salesforce Lead Record.

"The lead intelligence from [the HubSpot] snapshot in Salesforce has been invaluable in helping sales with their follow up calls.”

Kristin Paxton
Marketing Manager, Select International

"It's the people of HubSpot that make it stand out."

Because of this heavy emphasis on quality personnel that runs through not only Select International’s business model but also their solutions, it’s no surprise that the people at HubSpot were a huge reason why Kristin’s team decided to join, and stay with, the HubSpot family. “Even before we spoke with anyone, just reading the blog posts - the personalities came through and we could tell it was a group with whom we'd enjoy working.”

Why Should a Business Use HubSpot?

"A business should get HubSpot because it's an effective, easy-to-learn system that helps companies target, generate and manage quality inbound leads. There aren't enough hours in the day for marketers to accomplish all that they want/need to do. The automation and process flows that HubSpot provides helps its customers work efficiently and accomplish so much more in the hours that we do have. "

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