Sinclair HVAC Revamps an Inbound Online Strategy, Pummels Competitors

Sinclair's website was more of a brochure than a tool for generating leads. They spent up to $7,000 on yellow page advertising alone. Their business wasn't growing, they needed to restrategize.


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Sinclair Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing Team


Sinclair HVAC & Plumbing is a family owned and operated company that has been serving their community since 1979.

Sinclair HVAC & Plumbing is a family owned and operated company that has been serving their community since 1979. At Sinclair, they pride themselves on customer service and a commitment to fairness, honesty, and ultimate customer satisfaction. They desire to be the very best plumbing, air conditioning, and furnace contractor possible.

Prior to using HubSpot, Sinclair relied heavily on traditional marketing tactics. They were spending $5,000-$7,000 per month on yellow page advertising alone. With this strategy, they maintained a steady business. However, the business wasn’t growing. Daniel Sinclair decided it was time to update the company’s marketing mentality. They didn’t need to be "old school" any more. The first step was updating their website.

Could embracing inbound marketing strategies grow Sinclair’s customer base?

As Daniel Sinclair was updating the website, he came across an article on SEO and a link to a webinar with Mike Volpe. After watching the webinar, he realized it was time to transform the way the company did marketing. By using a new marketing strategy, he hoped to get more customers. Through optimizing his website, he could get found online by those younger prospects.

Sinclair wanted to change the website from an online brochure to a lead generating machine. The first step to this was using the HubSpot software’s SEO Tools to optimize his website through finding and tracking effective keywords, tracking inbound links, and creating individual website pages which are SEO optimized. Creating a blog was another essential step in developing a successful inbound marketing program. Through starting a blog, Sinclair could use content creation to both attract new prospects to the website and establish Sinclair as a thought leader in the field. One post, Tankless Water Heater Vs. Tank Water Heater, has had 2,318 page views so far. Since starting with HubSpot, daily website visits to the Sinclair website have increased by 400%.

Using Landing Pages to Generate Leads

The increased website traffic provides additional opportunities for the visitors to the website to be converted to leads. The HubSpot software’s Lead Generation Tools allow Sinclair to easily create CTAs and landing pages. “It was hard to design CTA buttons on my own, but now I can have a nice looking button made in just five minutes.” Their Get $20 Off Your Next Air Conditioning of Plumbing landing page has a 25% conversion rate.

“It’s the best investment I have ever made. Over the last three years our CTA that we created with HubSpot hasgenerated over $50,000 for our business.”

Growing Social Media Reach

With the help of HubSpot’s software, Sinclair’s customer base now includes both the old customers and a new, younger clientele who are talking about Sinclair online. The company went from having no social media reach three years ago to a current reach of 1,678 with an average monthly growth rate of 2.7%.

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Sinclair’s “old school” marketing mentality is gone!

“I wish I would have bought HubSpot a long time ago. It’s been the best investment I have ever made. I went out on a limb when I first bought the product; the rest of the company had an old school mentality. This has been a grand slam. This works, it’s a no brainer. And I can prove it. I love it. It’s great software.”

Using Marketing Analytics to Track Progress

Sinclair uses HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics Tool to track the effectiveness of their marketing. “I love the dashboard. It’s all there. The other cool thing is I can compare this month to last month and see how I’m doing.”

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