Exhibit and Event Marketing Success Story : Skyline at Skybay

After executing on the same marketing strategy for years, Skybay's sales suddenly began declining. They began researching new tactics and sought out a software to help them execute on inbound marketing effectively.


increase in leads


increase in blog subscribers


increase in organic web traffic

Skyline at Skybay Team

About Skybay

Since 1981, Skyline at Skybay has offered trade show and event exhibits to match any size and budget.

About Skybay

Since 1981, Skybay has been the source for remarkable face-to-face event experiences. They offer trade show and event exhibits to match any size and budget, ranging from tabletop displays and portable displays to modular inline exhibits and large-scale island exhibits. Skybay makes over 20 different exhibit systems, including pop-ups, banner stands, panel systems, fabric structures, truss and other structural, custom modular exhibit systems that add to the event experience.

The main marketing goal for SkyBay is to increase traffic to their website in order to generate more customer acquisition. After doing a lot of the same things over the years with good results, all of a sudden Skybay started to see their sales decline and they weren’t quite sure where to turn next. Their demographics were beginning to shift and they were unsure what were the best tactics to reach them. The team decided to be proactive and they started researching new trends in the industry to help them get back on track. They wondered if there was a solution that would help them reach a wider audience and manage all the new areas that SkyBay needed to manage?

Was there a solution to getting their sales back on track?

Before Skybay decided to use the HubSpot software to help manage their marketing program, their main challenge was increasing online traffic in order to generate new leads to increase sales. At this time, all of their leads were coming from the corporate office through traditional marketing tactics like phonebook advertising. Beyond that, they were using email to reach out to leads, but had no metrics or measurements surrounding it. They had no way of knowing how each program was actually working and which ones to spend the most time and money on.

Marketing team member Sarmistha Tarafder knew Skybay needed a new direction, but they just needed help knowing what was the right way. She began researching new tactics and discovered inbound marketing. The more she researched the more HubSpot kept popping up. After six months, she figured if all their tactics were working for the company itself, it might actually work for Skybay too. When a HubSpot sales person reached out to her because of an ebook she downloaded, she was so impressed she signed up immediately for the HubSpot all-in-one marketing software.

HubSpot Assisted Skybay in Generating More Traffic and Leads

After Skybay started using the HubSpot software with their marketing tactics, they quickly went to work building traffic to their website. By using HubSpot’s Keyword Grader tool they were able to simply discover what potential customers were searching for when they were looking for their products, which made them feel like they were taping into the pulse of what their customers were thinking and doing. They were then able to use the most effective keywords on their website and in the content they generated, which has helped them increased organic traffic by 726%


Using Landing Pages and CTAs to Capture Lead Information

With their traffic up, they also knew they needed a way to capture the information of all the potential customers coming to their website. With HubSpot’s Landing Page tool they are now able to make pages on the fly with no help from the IT department. Each page was updated with new product information with customizable lead capture forms and embedded CTAs to gain as much information about each lead as possible. They are now able to track views of each page and how many people have converted. Because of the work they have done building new landing pages and CTAs, since 2009 Skybay has increased their overall leads by 158%.

Blogging to help build their Web Presence

With HubSpot’s Blogging tools, Skybay is easily able to create content that they can then share with their prospects on their blog, as well as with their social media followers. When an interesting topic arises they are able to write a post in minutes, share their thoughts, and stay on top of the trends in their industry. In addition, the HubSpot blog platform gives them SEO tips while they are writing and instant analytics so they can see which topics have resonated the most and develop more content surrounding those topics. In the last year alone, they were able to increase subscribers to their blog by 97%.

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