Squaredot Doubles Its Revenue as a HubSpot Agency Partner

Irish marketing agency Squaredot embraced the inbound methodology from the start. Founder Ian Blake had worked with the HubSpot software in the past and had been impressed by how it had transformed both lead generation and sales. As a HubSpot partner, Squaredot has achieved some impressive results. All its clients are on retainer contracts and it increased revenue by 2X within a year.


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Squaredot is an Irish-based inbound marketing agency on a mission to transform its clients’ B2B marketing and sales processes. It works across every aspect of their inbound strategy, from in-depth research to content creation and publication.

Hitting the Ground Running With a HubSpot Partnership

Squaredot was founded by Ian Blake, who had 14 years’ experience working in sales and marketing for major telecom companies. He first discovered inbound when he was leading B2B sales for Three. As Three was in the competitive mobile marketplace, it needed to find a way to compete against its larger rivals. Ian began to looking into B2B marketing techniques, and his online research led him to HubSpot.

“It was a revelation for us. We implemented the software with the help of a marketing agency, and it had a dramatic impact on lead generation. Firstly, we were guaranteed a certain number per month and secondly, it was much better value than any other lead source that we're using at the time. The quality improved as well – the leads were warmer and converted more quickly than those that we got through our PPC or press campaigns.”

However, Ian had found that he had to go to the UK to find a marketing agency that could help implement the inbound methodology and the HubSpot software.

“I saw a gap in the Irish market that I could fill. I could use inbound marketing to transform the sales and marketing for other B2B organisations. That’s how Squaredot was born.”

Ian decided to put the HubSpot software at the centre of his new agency, and he joined the HubSpot Partner Program in 2014.

"When I saw how much the HubSpot software transformed lead generation at Three, I felt confident that I could help other Irish businesses to do the same thing."

Ian Blake

Co-founder and Managing Director


An Inbound Agency From Day One

Ian co-founded Squaredot with his father Jim, a veteran sales and marketing consultant. They teamed up with Creative Director Sean Sharkey (a senior copywriter with over a decade of ad agency experience) and immediately introduced the methodology to a number of companies and terrific results followed – for example, SaaS company PSI Mobile saw its web traffic double and its leads increase by 12X in three months.

“Clients really respond to the service we provide and appreciate the lengths we go to the understand their business. First, we figure out their buyer personas by interviewing their employees and clients and then take that information and create targeted content in the form of Blogs, ebooks, videos and infographics.”

Squaredot sets this new content up on Landing Pages on its clients’ websites, adding Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Forms to drive engagement. It uses the Social Inbox to promote it across the internet and creates and manages ad campaigns using the Ads add-on.

Squaredot launched a new website and nailed down its own buyer personas – its ideal client is a marketing director in a B2B tech company. It uses the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – to close the loop between marketing and sales.

“We use Workflows to move leads through the funnel, and we get a view of every interaction they have had with us on the CRM. We can see at a glance who is really sales qualified and get more selective about who we follow up with. Our sales person then uses the Sales Pro software to have more informed conversations at just the right time.

“The integrated approach is really working for us. Revenue per client has increased and all our customers are now on retainer contracts.”

"When we created our new website, we made sure that we were using every element of the HubSpot software on it. It’s made a huge difference and our business has been stronger ever since."

- Ian Blake

Results That Get Noticed

In the past year, Squaredot has achieved some remarkable results. Traffic is up by 180%, while leads have increased by 140% – it now gets 20 to 30 new contacts a month. Client acquisition has improved as well; Squaredot has a 100% pitch-to-win ratio, compared to 14% in 2015. Overall, the agency’s revenue has been boosted by 2X in 12 months, and it has become a Gold Tier Partner.

Its customers are also reaping rewards. They typically see an increase in traffic of 10% every month and a 10% increase in leads. In fact, Squaredot was awarded the International Grand Prize in Graphic Design at INBOUND 2016 for the work it did for the hotel booking platform Roomex.

“We started working with Roomex in May 2016. We set up their personas, we created blogs, ebooks and videos and we ran Campaigns. Our aim was to produce something that was well written, well designed and that got results.”

Looking to the future, Ian has big plans for Squaredot’s growth.

“Over the next year, we want to continue to grow and get more clients. We have 11 at the moment, and we want to get that number up to 25 or even 30. We also want to take on more staff and make sure that we have our processes nailed down so that everyone knows exactly what they have to do at any given time. We have a number of international clients at the moment and would like to grow that part of our business.”

The CEO says that he would recommend the HubSpot Partner Program to any other agency that wants to embrace inbound.

“It gives you the running start you need. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, because a lot of the hard work has already been done for you.”

"The HubSpot support team is there whenever you need them, and you have a host of other agency partners to network with – it’s been hugely beneficial."

- Ian Blake

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