Startupbootcamp Helps New Companies Scale With HubSpot

Startup accelerator Startupbootcamp runs its programs in major business hubs, including London, New York, Singapore, Berlin and Amsterdam. It seeks out the most relevant corporate partners to help its startups to scale and succeed. It chose to join the HubSpot for Startups Partner Program, so that its participants could build successful sales and marketing functions, as well as gain access to education, community and mentoring. Today, 23 of its alumni use the HubSpot software.


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Launched in 2010, Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators. It has 21 programs in cities around world, in sectors from foodtech and the “internet of things” to fintech and smart cities. It helps early-stage founders to rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners and investors.

Helping Startups to Achieve Their Potential

Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is one of the world's largest accelerators, supporting and investing in early stage companies across five continents. It has grown rapidly in the past six years, thanks in part to its collaborations with corporate partners that help its startups to hit the ground running.

It has formed partnerships with some 140 companies to date, including Intel, Google, Cisco and Amazon, which offer access to software, knowledge and mentorship. According to Andy Shannon, Head of Startupbootcamp Global Startupbootcamp, HubSpot was a perfect fit to join that line-up.

Each of Startupbootcamp’s 21 programs focuses on a different sector, such as fintech or the internet of things. However, its participants all have one thing in common – they need to develop their sales and marketing functions.

“Our startups have limited resources and very lean teams, yet they need to scale their businesses and often break into new markets. The HubSpot for Startups Program had everything they needed for sales and marketing success, and they would be able to access those tools without having to exhaust their cash reserves.”

Startupbootcamp decided to join the HubSpot Startups Partner Program, so that it could offer its startups a 90% discount on the HubSpot growth stack – the combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – as well as tech support, mentoring and help with onboarding.

"Our startups need to supercharge their sales and marketing in a quick, effective and scalable way, and HubSpot for Startups helps them to do that."

Andy Shannon

Head of Startupbootcamp Global


Startupbootcamp Helps New Companies Scale With HubSpot

Startupbootcamp has been a HubSpot for Startups Partner since 2015, and many of its startups now use the growth stack.

“It’s a crowded marketplace, and our portfolio companies realise the value of marketing and how this drives demand, and ultimately sales.

By having this partnership with HubSpot, our goal is to make our startups growth journey easier by giving them access to the right tools.

These startups can also take advantage of the HubSpot for Startups onboarding plan, which is designed especially for new businesses with limited time and resources. It efficiently teaches them how to attract qualified visitors to their websites, convert those visitors into leads, close them into customers and delight them into becoming promoters of their companies.

Startupbootcamp also organises regular webinars and workshops with HubSpot experts, so that its startups can address specific issues that they may have.

“For example, a company may want to secure a break into a particular industry or get advice on B2B sales. That’s the value of being a HubSpot for Startups Partner – we have access to that kind of expertise at the other end of a phone line.”

"By leveraging the HubSpot software, our startups can achieve similar results as to those with bigger budgets."

- Andy Shannon

Helping Startups Reach New Heights

Startupbootcamp’s graduate companies are already making their mark in their chosen sectors, and today, 23 are using the HubSpot growth stack and 71% have gained funding.

“Within six months of graduation from Startupbootcamp, the average startup raises €850,000. That’s really significant, especially when you consider the highly competitive marketplace that they are entering.”

According to Andy, joining the HubSpot Startups Partner Program has provided Startupbootcamp with a great way to attract and retain top candidates.

“The HubSpot software and the deal we can offer with it is a big selling point for us. It is a leading marketing automation software, and our candidates know that this is something that will help them flourish. As well as this, they have access to unlimited technical support, expert knowledge and the HubSpot Community, where they can network and make important connections.”

Startupbootcamp has grown dramatically in the last two years, and it is hoping to keep that momentum going by expanding into emerging markets such as Latin America, Australia, and South Africa.

“That’s why we are partnering with big name companies like HubSpot. It knows its industry inside and out, and it is willing to innovate and collaborate with startups at the same time.”

"Our HubSpot partnership helps us to attract the best startups and then accelerate their success. Working with HubSpot is a competitive advantage for our startups."

- Andy Shannon

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