TechShepherd Uses HubSpot for Ecosystem Engineering to Successfully Grow Enterprise Client Base

As a newly single Dad of three and small business owner, Ryan McInerney partnered with HubSpot as he sought to empower American businesses by helping reputable companies, ministries, and non-profits grow in the face of digital adversity. After two years of building a dynamic, personal partnership, HubSpot has helped TechShepherd grow from a one-man consulting firm to a staff of 10 people and over 1M in revenue.


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About TechShepherd

Founded in 2011, TechShepherd is a full-service digital transformation marketing agency that serves enterprise level organizations by aligning with their critical business goals and leveraging digital tools to see those goals acomplished. TechShepherd carefully considers every hire to meet the standards of integrity, quality and work ethic that America’s greatest business leaders posses.

Helping America Thrive

TechShepherd believes that the backbone of our economy is the American enterprise. As Founder and President, Ryan McInerney saw businesses struggle to embrace digital transformation he decided to launch his own agency to shepherd them towards greener pastures and prevent them from becoming obsolete.

TechShepherd wanted to help companies embrace that transition and be the vehicle to help them thrive and bring newfound success in increasingly competitive landscapes. He soon discovered HubSpot and decided to venture into a partnership to help achieve his and his clients' goals across the digital landscape. He founded an immediate and personal relationship with his HubSpot channel account manager, Brian Bresee, who went above and beyond for his agency. Ryan shares,"it was obvious a lot was on the line for TechShepherd and providing for my family of three kids. HubSpot’s Partner Resources and Brian's readiness to get on a call with any client at any time was refreshing. I was starting this venture alone but I wasn’t alone, I had my wingman in Brian and in HubSpot."

"HubSpot not only enables us to get our job done but also demonstrates that we actually did what we said we'd do."

Ryan McInerney

Founder and President


Business Before Marketing

Most marketing agencies today are being fired when they fail to perform or meet their clients' expectations. This is not the case for TechShepherd, their business model thrives by being referred by clients to peers and industry companions.

When TechShepherd brings in a new client, they spend a lot of time educating and helping them get comfortable with their goals and ideas. Instead of starting with products and service offerings, the very first step they take is creating a business and marketing game plan or "playbook." Ryan shares a favorite adage,“Marketing serves at the pleasure of revenue.” Using data and discernment, TechShepherd architects custom omnichannel strategies that extend the reach and potential of their clients’ operations.   

Ryan and his team help clients understand they’re not simply a marketing agency, rather they are a well run business led by a team that understands how well run businesses should operate and drive scalable growth. He says, "As business people, we’ve identified we want to be consultants first, by being good at teaching, good at learning, explaining and sculpting success for other people. We work to educate our clients on the overarching strategy, then execute on the vision we've laid out together by building the necessary revenue-generating technologies.” As Ryan proudly proclaims, "We’re business people that happen to be good marketers."

Dating Before Marriage

In any healthy relationship there needs to be mutual trust and understanding. Ryan explains the steps involved at TechShepherd in order to establish trust and credibility with their clients:

  • First we need to understand your business, your business process, goals, competitors and identify who are your buyer personas.  

  • From there we create buyer journey "maps" - which indicate key touch points for the prospect to move through and interact with various stages of the funnel and related content. We walk through each layer of the buyer’s journey from awareness to advocacy.

  • Based on understanding those interactions, we can then build their game plan by reverse engineering. Knowing the client's business, goals and timeframe, we work our way backwards to determine what tools we'll leverage, content we'll create and key milestones we will track.

Altogether, this proves to clients that TechShepherd understands their clients' business and proves that they understand what it will take for them to embrace a successful digital transformation. Ryan calls this process "dating before marriage," and finds it critical in establishing long-term relationships with his clients. 

Looking to The Future

TechShepherd has grown in size and vision since it’s inception. No longer a startup, but an established operation bringing their unique approach to organizations with statewide, regional, and national footprints in the Finance, Insurance, HR Outsourcing/PEO, and Staffing industries. Their aim is to enable every client to embrace digital tools and leverage their consumer data company wide- from marketing to sales, operations and customer service.

While this continued growth has been exciting, they know to always maintain their culture of humility, dedication to excellence, and passion for execution. Their clients’ success continues to be their greatest joy and HubSpot is there every step of the way.

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