Techweb Stacks Up Results as a HubSpot Partner

Techweb was founded in 2013 with the goal of revolutionising the way marketing is done in Norway. However, they found that the separate services they provided, such as web design and SEO, led to a lot of project work, but not many retainer contracts. They needed to find a way to scale, both for themselves and their customers. So they decided that inbound marketing was the answer and joined the HubSpot Partner Program. Since then, they have increased revenue by 75%, and today, 80% of their clients are on retainer.


Increase in revenue


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Techweb Team


Techweb is a fast-growing startup on a mission to transform the Norwegian marketing landscape. As a HubSpot Partner, it is becoming the go-to agency for clients who want to embrace the inbound methodology. Techweb’s small, close-knit team works with clients across all their marketing activities, from design and development to strategic planning, content creation and social media.

Bringing Change to the Norwegian Marketplace

By 2016, startup marketing agency Techweb had established itself in the Norwegian marketplace. However, while they were impressing clients with their services, such as web design, web app development, SEM and SEO, they weren’t getting the retainer contracts required to scale. They needed to start offering integrated solutions that would easily show ROI.

“We wanted to change how marketing is done in Norway and to secure a more predictable revenue stream. To do it, we needed to transform our entire marketing model. That’s what led us to HubSpot and inbound marketing,” explains Knut Pedersen, Techweb’s co-founder and CEO.

The company had been using point solutions such as MailChimp and Google AdWords to help clients, but it was difficult to synchronise data, and reporting took hours. Techweb did consider other marketing automation software providers, including Marketo and Pardot, but in the end, HubSpot was “the only logical choice”.

“HubSpot stood out in many different areas, and we quickly fell in love with the methodology, software and community. We realised that the Partner training, as well as ongoing support would be invaluable for us as a small company with big ambitions.”

Techweb went all in with HubSpot, joining the Partner Program, as well as using the HubSpot growth stack –  a combination of the HubSpot Marketing, CRM and Sales software to generate leads and revenue.

"HubSpot put all the pieces of the puzzle together; we knew that the Partner program would allow us to deliver for our clients and develop a dependable business."

Knut Pedersen

Co-founder and CEO


Retaining Clients With Integrated Inbound

Techweb was already an expert in web design, but now the agency could use the HubSpot Marketing software to create websites that generate leads and sales. They also began to help their clients use the HubSpot CRM to track interactions with prospects and clients, as well as HubSpot Sales so sales reps can get in touch at just the right time.

“HubSpot Sales is a great example of how you can use data to inform decision-making, rather than relying on gut feeling,” attests Knut.

Techweb can now give its customers a better return on their investment and show them the value of marketing activity through the Marketing Analytics Dashboard. As their revenue increases, clients are also more likely to sign up for retainer contracts.

Knut says that the support offered by HubSpot team is invaluable, particularly as Techweb is relatively new to the inbound methodology itself.

“We’ve been working very closely with the HubSpot team. We leaned on them a lot during the onboarding process, and they helped us with everything, from overall strategy to pricing services. Thanks to them, we’ve learned to think differently about marketing, and we’ve developed a new way to sell to and prove ROI to our clients.”

"Once our clients embrace the inbound methodology, their leads and revenue increase."

- Knut Pedersen

Stacking Up Results

Techweb is using the HubSpot growth stack for itself, and it is reaping the rewards, says Knut.

"We’ve seen a 480% increase in leads these past six months. As a result business is booming – revenue has grown by 75% since we partnered with HubSpot, and 80% of our customers are on retainer."

The company became a Gold Tier Partner within just eight months and now has seven HubSpot clients using the growth stack. These clients are seeing impressive results – typically a 20% to 30% increase in sales and revenue.

Looking to the rest of 2017, Techweb plans to generate all of its revenue from selling HubSpot software and its inbound services to retainer clients.

"We are completely committed to the inbound methodology and HubSpot Partner Program. It’s providing us with the tools, training and support to grow our business and succeed."

- Knut Pedersen

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