Thinknear Accelerates Learning with HubSpot's Professional Onboarding Package

Thinknear is a mobile advertising network focused on location-based campaigns. In early 2014 Kate Walling, Senior Manager of Brand, Digital, and PR was tasked with a new marketing initiative and turned to HubSpot to kick off lead generation activities and empower a growing marketing team.

About Thinknear

Thinknear is a location technology company and full-service mobile advertising network focused on delivering amazing advertising campaigns for agencies, brands and consumers. Thinknear’s platform delivers the accuracy, scale and technology required to effectively leverage mobile location data to power better consumer experiences. In mobile, accuracy matters, and as a division of Telenav, Thinknear leverages exclusive access to over 15 years of proprietary location data.

Challenges Prior to HubSpot

In the past, the corporate marketing team managed their email lists and landing pages with a tech stack that involved several solutions. With the launch of Location Score, a new industry initiative, Kate and her team were looking for a more comprehensive tool that could handle lead generation, lead scoring, and enable marketing to work more closely with sales.

When Kate first spoke with HubSpot, she was 30 days away from launching Thinknear’s Location Score initiative. With a focus on thought leadership through content creation, Kate understood the need for marketing software. She comments that, “our marketing team needed a tool that helped us launch new marketing initiatives quickly and easily.” 

Kate’s timeline was ambitious and made Thinknear a perfect fit for HubSpot’s Professional Onboarding package. She needed to launch a full campaign within a week and a half, including landing pages with workflows and the team’s first HubSpot email marketing campaign. She also needed to launch supporting campaigns within 30 days. Kate worked with her HubSpot Implementation Specialist, Mike Ewing, to learn the platform and accomplish these goals on time.

Getting Started with the Professional Onboarding Package

As part of the Location Score initiative, Thinknear created an industry report called the Location Score Index, which was “the first and only guide on location accuracy in mobile advertising.” This piece of rich, valuable industry content became the backbone of their campaign and the main driver of new leads.

Kate knew there would be a big missed opportunity if they were to publish this report without a streamlined process to gather leads and measure the effectiveness of her team’s efforts. This was her main motivation in implementing HubSpot quickly enough to launch this initiative.

Through the Professional Onboarding Package, an accelerated onboarding and training program, Mike was able to assist Kate as both a project manager and a marketing specialist. In just a week and a half, Kate was up to speed on the HubSpot apps and able to build her own Landing Pages, Forms, Workflows, Calls-to-Action, Social Media posts, Emails, and wrapped all of these elements together with the Campaigns App. She also had advanced training on contact list segmentation and lead scoring capabilities. Kate appreciated Mike’s dedication to her tight deadline, and his commitment to making her a product expert.

"Having that personalized training and getting on-boarded quickly was a key part to our success early on. Mike even stayed on the phone with me for five hours straight one night!"

Kate Walling

Senior Manager, Marketing


Launching a Campaign Using HubSpot to Reach Lead Generation Goals

To begin their campaign, HubSpot skinned the styling of Thinknear’s site and created a completely mobile-optimized responsive template inside their HubSpot portal. Kate used this template to build out the new landing page and to host the industry report. She also set up an automated email workflow to nurture incoming leads and keep them engaged by providing additional industry information.

Kate promoted their industry report across many digital channels including social media, paid ads, email, and through native content. HubSpot’s Campaigns App Dashboard gave her the ability to measure and compare the effectiveness of all promotional channels. Through HubSpot’s Tracking URL Builder, Kate was able to pull visitor, lead, and customer data from digital and PR placements, and compare results from channels both inside and outside of HubSpot – including Twitter and paid search.  


"You can piecemeal solutions together and have a stack of five or six different products. Or you can depend on a comprehensive tool like Hubspot to empower your marketing team," advises Kate. "Hubspot allows our team to manage metrics, leads, and email marketing in one place. The Salesforce integration closes the loop between our marketing and sales teams in terms of the flow of contacts, understanding marketing effectiveness, and improving metrics."

"You can piecemeal solutions together with five or six different products. Or you can depend on a comprehensive tool like HubSpot to empower your marketing team."

- Kate Walling

Results of a Success Campaign Launch

Kate and the team at Thinknear were able to successfully launch their campaign on time, within 3 weeks of purchasing HubSpot. And they quickly exceeded their campaign goals!

After working with Mike and the team at HubSpot, she highlights, “The timeline was aggressive, but jumping on the Hubspot integration has been crucial to ramping up our marketing team quickly. Mike not only trained me on the entire product within days, but he also taught me crucial optimization tactics.”

Working with HubSpot helped Kate to shift her strategy to achieve greater success. The ease-of-use and power of the tools give the Thinknear marketing team autonomy. “By the end of my time with Mike, I was able to set up landing pages and workflows, send out newsletters, manage email lists and lead scoring, and run entire campaigns by myself. I have been able to train team members to use HubSpot very quickly and it’s been critical to keeping our team scrappy and agile.”

Now that the Location Score campaign has concluded successfully, Kate has been able to delve into more complex initiatives around sales and marketing alignment. However, she’s never alone in her growth initiatives when using HubSpot. “Our team has questions every now and then and we never hesitate to call tech support. You get a real expert on the line every time you call. You are never passed around and there are no hassles trying to figure out which department to dial. That’s a huge relief for us, especially as we continue to evolve with the tool and our campaigns get more complex.”

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