HubSpot’s Blogging Tools Help Townsend Security Double Quality Leads Every Year

In Townsend Security’s niche market, using inbound marketing might seem futile. Could content about such a specialized industry generate leads? In the three years Townsend Security has been using HubSpot's software they have doubled in site visits, leads and qualified leads each year.


monthly site traffic


more leads year-over-year (2012-2013)


more qualified leads year-over-year (2012-2013)

About Townsend Security

Townsend Security provides customers with software and hardware appliances to secure their data. They often work specifically with highly regulated industries such as retail, healthcare, and finance to help customers meet requirements.


Prior to onboarding with HubSpot in January 2011, Luke Probasco, Marketing Manager at Townsend Security, wanted to generate more qualified leads. Townsend Security was doing some inbound marketing: blogging about once a month. But their blog was inconsistent and lacked integrated calls-to-action (CTAs) or landing pages to help generate leads.

The biggest challenge, however, was being in such a specialized industry. Townsend Security provides data security for companies with highly regulated data requirements or other high security needs. They thought it would be hard to create content that people would be excited to read.  So the question became: could inbound marketing, with its content creation as a fixture of the inbound approach, work in such a specialized and technical industry? 

"HubSpot is more than just a tool, it’s a philosophy."

Luke Probasco

Marketing Manager

Townsend Security

How They Did It

By partnering with HubSpot, Townsend Security found that they could certainly create compelling content and establish themselves as a thought leader.  They were able to attract visitors to their site in the exact moment when they needed help - when they’re at the search box looking for it.  They did this by posting blog articles with answers to common questions and using HubSpot’s SEO Tools. For instance, a blog post this year discussing whether emails and passwords are personally identifiable information (PII) drove a 6.2% lead conversion rate.  Other posts answer questions about email security regulations, data security options and other subjects that are top-of-mind for their ideal prospects.

And now that they had an all-in-one tool in HubSpot, they were able to capture contact information from blog readers by using HubSpot Calls-to-Action and Landing Pages. They also attached landing pages to offers for ebooks and whitepapers, driving higher conversion rates. An ebook titled “Encryption Key Management Simplified” had a conversion rate of 63%.

Probasco also attributes some of their success to HubSpot’s consulting and thought leadership. For example, Townsend Security followed HubSpot’s best practice advice of using a long-tail-keyword strategy for their blog and website. HubSpot’s Keyword Tool helped them identify the best keywords to optimize for, which ultimately moved them up in search rankings.  Another best practice they implemented was using bold, visual call-to-action buttons.  This made a great impact in converting visitors to their website into leads.



For Townsend Security, the numbers speak for themselves: they have doubled their visits, leads and qualified leads each year after implementing HubSpot. Probasco says that after the first year of success in using HubSpot to generate leads, he wondered whether the second year could possibly be as strong. It was. Probasco will give his state of the union address this month for fiscal year 2013, which will show towering growth again.  

"HubSpot really provided a lot of resources. As well, they helped us understand what a marketing team should be."

Luke Probasco

Marketing Manager

Townsend Security

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