TRIALTA Gets 35X More Leads As A HubSpot Partner

Based in Bavaria, TRIALTA was founded with the goal of producing marketing that is transparent and sales oriented. The agency found that it was increasingly using inbound tactics, but the collection of point solutions it had didn’t work well together; it couldn’t show its clients that its work was making a difference. TRIALTA joined the HubSpot Partner Program and since then, it has increased its leads by 35X.


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Founded in 2011, TRIALTA is a German inbound marketing agency that helps B2B companies to drive website traffic, acquire qualified leads and close sales. It works with its clients to create a strategy and then helps them to create content, optimise their websites and set up automated nurturing campaigns that turn contacts into customers. TRIALTA uses the HubSpot software to enhance the visitor’s experience, answer their questions and shorten the sales cycle.

A Pathway to Predictable Growth

Before founding TRIALTA, Adriano Tagliarina headed the marketing and sales departments for a number of different companies. However, he struggled to find agencies that offered both the strategic and analytical services he needed. He decided to start his own, and in 2011 TRIALTA was born.

“From the start, we helped our clients to pursue an integrated sales and marketing approach. We did use some inbound point solutions, but they didn’t work well together and it was difficult to measure the success of our actions. We needed a software platform that had everything under the one roof; we also wanted to partner with a company that offered us a roadmap to inbound success.”

Adriano began evaluating his options, and his search led him to HubSpot.

“I had worked with partner programs in the past and I had felt more like a reseller than a true partner. The HubSpot Partner Program was different. It had both the software and the philosophy that we were looking for.”

After taking a trial and speaking to a HubSpot representative, he was convinced that this was the way forward for TRIALTA.

“We talked about our agency’s major goals and the support that we would be given to achieve them. I was also impressed by HubSpot as a company. It continually seeks to grow and develop; it has a culture which matches our own. We signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program at the end of 2014.”

"We knew that as a HubSpot Partner, we could produce the kind of marketing that we had always wanted to do."

Adriano Tagliarina

Founder and CEO


Building Success With the Growth Stack

TRIALTA practices what it preaches in relation to the inbound methodology. It uses the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – on its own website, and this integrated approach is paying dividends, says Adriano.

“Before partnering with HubSpot, I think we got one lead through a contact form that we had on our website. We were too busy with getting the piece work for our customers done. Now, the majority come through inbound. We’re publishing two to three Blog posts every week, we’re driving traffic and growing our Contacts. For agency an with just six employees, we're achieving amazing results.”

TRIALTA’s clients operate in the B2B space, in the manufacturing, engineering and IT industries as well as in professional services. They range from small business to major enterprises, and most of them sign up to use the growth stack. According to Adriano, this allows the agency to provide a complete strategy that covers both their sales and marketing pipelines.

“We dig in and discover what their pain points are at every stage. For example, we had one client who thought that they had a problem converting visitors to contacts. We discovered that that wasn’t the case. Their challenge lay in nurturing leads to qualification, so that’s what we concentrated on.”

TRIALTA uses the Marketing Analytics Dashboard to prove the ROI of its activities, and it has found that its clients are signing on for longer and more lucrative contracts.

“We help our clients plan where they want to be in two years, four years and six years, and we put in place a strategy to help them get there. It’s an ongoing process, and we are agile enough to make changes based on what works best. Our end goal is to empower them to eventually take the reins themselves, so that we can move into more of a consultancy role.”

"We were one of the first marketing agencies in Germany to focus completely on the inbound methodology. It’s an approach that’s working, both for ourselves and our clients."

- Adriano Tagliarina

Transformational Times Ahead

Since 2014, TRIALTA has significantly increased lead generation, and the agency now generates more than 130 qualified leads each year. Today, it has 13 clients on the HubSpot software, and it has become a Gold Tier Partner.

“Our customers have enjoyed similar success. On average, they boost their web traffic by 25% and their leads by 50%,” explains Adriano.

The agency has big plans for the next two years, now that it has a framework in place that will allow it to scale.

“2017 will be a transitional year for us – we want to consolidate our transformation to a completely inbound agency by hiring the right people. By the end of 2018, we want to have doubled our sales revenue. It is important to us that we have HubSpot by our side as we work towards these goals, and we are sure that we have found the right partner for our continued success.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot Partner Program, we’ve been able to raise the transparency and measurability of our results to a whole new level."

- Adriano Tagliarina

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