Vanderbloemen Search Group Quadruples Organic Traffic and Quintuples Leads Using HubSpot

As a leading executive search firm for value-based organizations, churches and ministries, Vanderbloemen Search Group markets to two different target audiences; churches and ministries and also to potential candidates. They aim to produce relevant content that solves their customers' most urgent needs and strive to position themselves as thought-leaders in their market. Prior to HubSpot, they struggled to understand exactly which of their online marketing efforts were resulting in new leads and business.


increase in web traffic March 2012 - March 2013


increase in organic traffic March 2012 - March 2013


increase in leads from organic traffic March 2012 - March 2013

About Vanderbloemen Search Group

The Vanderbloemen Search Group is a leading executive search firm that helps value-based and kingdom expanding organizations build great teams and find the best senior leaders.

Marketing Inefficiencies Strike the Need for Change

As a small team of eight, the Vanderbloemen Search Group looked to expand their business. In order to do so, needed help revamping their marketing and lead generation plans. They understood that to be self-sufficient in today's online world, they needed to improve their web presence and not rely solely on word-of-mouth and networking connections to generate business leads.

The marketing team at VSG was using a series of disparate tools to host their website and conduct online marketing activities, and felt they were inefficiently gathering and passing contacts and leads into their SalesForce CRM. 

To compound the issue of marketing inefficiencies, the VSG website suffered from low search rankings for important keywords and executive search firm topics. Aside from direct traffic from searches for their company name, organic traffic was low and Google Analytics offered little to no insight as to how they could solve this issue. The team decided to seek out a solution that could measure both traffic and online conversions, integrate with their CRM, and help them better understand the return on investment of their marketing efforts.

"HubSpot has enabled us to only have one person as the full-time marketer because now one person can do the jobs of four through the software."

Holly Tate

Director of Business Development

Vanderbloemen Search Group

How HubSpot Helps Complete The Picture

HubSpot helps the marketing team at VSG increase leads by giving them the Analytical and SEO tools needed to understand which pieces of content and keywords are resonating with their target audiences. "HubSpot analytics enable us to see engagement from a bigger picture and how our marketing efforts all work together," says Holly Tate, Director of Business Development. 

They post articles on their Blog, knowing that people are more likely to engage with a company online if they find valuable and helpful content. Their blog boasts articles on pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership. It is written based to share advice with prospects based on the years of their collective experience, instead of, self-promotion of their search and staffing services. For example, "3 Problems with Choosing Youth Over Wisdom in Church Staffing."

Within their blog posts and across their webpages, the marketing team uses HubSpot's Call-to-Action builder to quickly and easily create offers linking to downloadable content on custom Landing Pages. "I love the landing page builder because I don't have to be a web developer to use them or rely on one to create pages on our site," says Holly.

After their President, William, met HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan, the marketing team decided to take his recommendation to run a blog contest. They knew this would take their content strategy to the next level by supplying more content and helping identify the most motivated and gifted writers on staff. They ran the blogging contest for three months and had incredible results. "For the first time, we had more content then we could even publish in a week! Brian Halligan's generosity of spending time with our CEO has really created the 'wow' factor by HubSpot," said Holly.

"The main reason we chose HubSpot is because of the native integration with SalesForce. We're able to nurture candidates and sales leads that come to us because SalesForce and HubSpot work so seamlessly together."

William Vanderbloemen


Vanderbloemen Search Group

Integration Leads to Effective Nurturing

The integration with Salesforce has been integral to the success VSG has seen with HubSpot. They receive candidate applications through a SalesForce custom object, which are passed directly into the appropriate Smart List inside of HubSpot since HubSpot has a bi-directional sync with Salesforce.

Holly is able to nurture these contacts using HubSpot's Workflows tool along with the appropriate smart lists. The workflow helps saves Holly from taking the time by scheduling  a series of emails to be sent over time, rather manually sending each message. Now she is able to send the right person, the proper message, at the best possible time. As a result, they've seen a 20x increase in traffic coming from her email campaigns a year after implementing HubSpot. 



Using the reports in HubSpot’s Analytics tools, CEO, William Vanderblomen shares a "big picture" update with the entire company on a weekly basis to help them understand how their inbound marketing efforts have contributed to new customer acquisition and current customer referrals.

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