HubSpot Before and After: How VeriFirst Used HubSpot for Inbound Success and Expanded Their Digital Footprint

VeriFirst launched in 2004 to provide employment and customer ID verification services. However, as an entirely web-based business, they faced a serious problem: They had zero inbound leads. The team first used HubSpot's all-in-one marketing platform to increase organic search traffic and leads. By 2015, they've taken their web presense to the next level by bringing on additional websites all under one HubSpot umbrella.


more leads in 6 month period


increase in organic search traffic


increase in customers every six months

VeriFirst Team

About VeriFirst

VeriFirst is a national provider of applicant screening and verification services. Companies across the United States trust VeriFirst for intuitive, easy-to-use, background screening tools that empower them to make compliant business decisions quickly and accurately. Web-based screening and APIs are available for employee screening, tenant screening and customer identity verifications.

Understanding the Need for an Inbound Approach

The team at VeriFirst was aware of inbound marketing--the practice of using remarkable content to attract visitors, convert them to leads, and close sales--and thought it might be a good solution for their challenges. However, the team was apprehensive about getting started with something new, and managing all of the components--social and content creation, primarily--and wondered if these efforts would be a drain on time and resources. Moreover, some key stakeholders didn’t see the value of an SEO strategy that didn’t include attempting to rank for the most competitive search terms. They didn’t yet understand the value of identifying the low-hanging fruit that is “long-tail SEO” for improved rankings.

Based on these challenges, it was evident that the VeriFirst team needed a platform that could help them generate much-needed qualified inbound traffic, and also educate them about the long-term value and basic practices of content creation and SEO. In short, they needed HubSpot.

Ryan Howard, Vice President of Business Development at VeriFirst, knew he found a solution to their challenges after he attended a webinar hosted by HubSpot and LinkedIn. During the webinar, it was clear that HubSpot practiced what they preached about inbound marketing and were the obvious solution for VeriFirst.

A Natural Solution

As the VeriFirst team soon discovered, HubSpot was the ideal platform for three key reasons:

1. HubSpot made creating content ridiculously easy with tools that anyone could use to create blog posts and evergreen content. This eliminated the fear that content production would require a specialized background or serve as a drain on marketing resources.

2. The platform provided SEO recommendations as the team created content, educating them on best practices and fulfilling content production requirements simultaneously.

3. HubSpot made creating and populating landing pages exceptionally easy. So much so, they didn’t have any need for developers or designers to get involved with managing their website. This gave the VeriFirst team the speed and agility to act on trends they identified right away.

Within six weeks of using HubSpot, Ryan saw a sharp increase in traffic to the VeriFirst website and a corresponding jump in qualified leads. Over time, VeriFirst’s success with HubSpot grew to the point where executive management took notice and decided to leverage for their additional business lines. 

They decided to launch HubSpot for another arm of their business, VARO Healthcare. All of this was incredible validation of Ryan’s decision to pursue inbound marketing, but the crowning achievement was when the President Jeffrey Heft stopped Ryan at the office one day and said, “You were right. I was wrong. Glad you found HubSpot.”

"Prior to hosting our URL's on HubSpot, the process of updating on-page content was extremely laborious.” 

Ryan Howard


Vice President, Business Development


Inbound Success Leads to Bringing on New Domains

Once VeriFirst started using HubSpot, they saw an immediate increase in the number of inbound leads they received, and that continued month over month. They also saw a 180% increase in organic search traffic. HubSpot--and their consistent content production efforts--was helping them grow their business like never before. In addition to generating traffic and leads, their efforts also produced a boost in brand awareness.

Reflecting on the success he’s experienced with HubSpot, Ryan says choosing the platform was one of the best business decisions he made. Besides providing them a framework through which to evaluate the success of their marketing, it gave shape to their marketing strategy going forward. Now, HubSpot isn’t just a tool, but a valuable partner in their business.

"Prior to hosting our URL’s on HubSpot, the process of updating on-page content was extremely laborious. Furthermore, the ability to create Landing Pages, Smart Forms and dynamic CTA’s meant bringing in an outside graphic designer, copy writers and our own internal IT team. With HubSpot's COS, we can accomplish all of this with one in-house resource; on the fly," says Ryan.

As VeriFirst saw this success using HubSpot COS, they decided to bring on additional domains for their various lines of business. "Having experienced a sharp increase in organic growth with our initial domain, we challenged ourselves to accomplish similar success within the niche markets of our other company domains," says Ryan. They started the process by first sitting down with their company’s sales reps who oversee marketing and sales for their respective divisions. "We showed sales how easy HubSpot is to use, and how powerful analytics can be when reviewing data across multiple URLs. Getting the buy-in from the ground up, helped make the decision a no brainier for our senior management team," says Ryan.

Consolidating their company’s marketing and sales efforts onto one common platform has helped drive standardization across all of their various divisions. Although their buyer’s journey varies for each HubSpot portal, they agreed on common KPI’s that are now easily accessible through HubSpot’s reporting dashboard. In addition, they migrated data from their three Salesforce CRM accounts over to HubSpot Sales for each line of business. The result has been a single-source sign-on for every aspect of the sales cycle. Ryan adds, "this has allowed us to reduce time and resources when training new hires, it has expedited our internal sales meetings and simplified dashboard reporting for senior management."

He goes on, "adding Additional Portals to your HubSpot account provides seamless connectivity between your company URL’s. Switching between portals is a breeze from Dashboard Analytics, COS, CRM (HubSpot Sales) and the HubSpot mobile app. My advice is Nike’s slogan… Just Do It."

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