Viessmann Heats Up Lead Generation by 200% With HubSpot

Viessmann is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling systems, and it set up its Italian division 25 years ago. The company wanted to increase its profile with the end users of its products and to generate more qualified leads. To do this, it needed to get serious about its inbound marketing, and it decided that the HubSpot Marketing Platform was the way forward. Since partnering with HubSpot, Viessmann has increased leads by 200%, and it now adds over 500 new contacts to its database every month.


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Viessmann Team


The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. This family enterprise was founded in Germany in 1917, and it now has distribution companies and representative offices in 74 countries, 12,000 employees and a turnover of €2.25 billion. As an environmental and technological trailblazer for the sector, Viessmann supplies exceptionally clean and efficient oil and gas heating solutions, along with solar, heat pumps and wood combustion systems.

An Untapped Demographic

Viessmann is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling systems, and it set up its Italian branch 25 years ago. It has established itself as one of the main players in the marketplace, selling its products directly to installers, who then sell them on to end users.

By 2015, Viessmann decided that it needed to do more to raise its profile with these end users. According to Stefania Brentaroli, Viessmann’s marketing manager, it was a demographic that they had neglected.

“End users typically do a lot of online research before they make a purchase, and we wanted invest on web to take advantage of that thanks to our strong competencies. However, our website didn’t rank highly with search engines, and we weren’t giving our website visitors enough relevant information.

“We did use some point solutions, including MailChimp and a newsletter product, but our communications were aimed at our installers, not our final customers. We wanted to start interacting with them in a more effective way.”

Stefania realised that an all-in-one marketing automation solution was the way forward. While researching her options, she came across an article on the HubSpot blog.

“It explained how HubSpot’s methodology and software could make a real difference to our business. This was inbound done differently – the platform had everything we needed in one product. We would be able to get our installers more qualified leads and get a clear view on our end users, something that had eluded us before.”

The decision was made, and Viessmann signed up to the HubSpot Marketing Platform in 2015.

"We didn’t look at any other solutions – we didn’t need to. The HubSpot software was really flexible, and we knew it would give us the results and insight we were looking for."

Stefania Brentaroli

Marketing Manager


Clever Content That Converts

Viessmann teamed up with ArchiMedia, a HubSpot Partner agency with a track record for success with the platform. The first thing they did was to define Viessmann’s personas, which range from individual home owners to large companies.

“We then created the content to appeal to them – a targeted Blog, as well as ebooks, whitepapers and articles – and used the HubSpot software’s SEO features to optimise our keywords. We started using Landing Pages with Smart Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms, which allow us to progressively gather information on our visitors,” explains Stefania.

Viessmann now has a better view on what its different personas are interested in, and it nurtures them through the marketing funnel with Workflows. Today, the Viessmann website is a go-to destination for potential customers.

“It’s not easy to be in the customer’s shoes in this difficult and technological market. We are giving them real insight into their options – for example, we have a whitepaper on how make savings that has proven particularly popular. And, as we help them, we also raise awareness for our company and our products. It’s a win-win situation.”

As well as this, the HubSpot software is helping the Viessmann sales team to forge stronger bonds with the installers they are selling to, says Stefania.

“We have a very strong sales team of 120 people. They have always given the installers tactical and technical advice, but now they can actually give them qualified leads. This translates into increased sales and happier installers.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot Marketing Platform, we now have a way to truly understand the customer’s journey."

- Stefania Brentaroli

Connecting With Customers Like Never Before

Since signing up with HubSpot, Viessmann has achieved great results across the board. It gets an average of 25,000 visitors to its website every month – a 200% increase. It adds over 500 new contacts each month, and it successfully converts 2% of them into qualified leads.

“Blog visits have increased by 900% in just the past year! We have also seen a huge difference to our search engine rankings. We now rank highly for more than 45 keywords – its used to be for just two or three,” reports Stefania.

Viessmann’s goal for 2017 is to become the first reference point for end users seeking information on heating and cooling systems.

“The HubSpot Marketing Platform will be crucial to this. It gives us an effective way to attract and nurture our leads, but really, it does much more than that. It gives us a view on what motivates our potential customers. In this competitive marketplace, that’s invaluable.”

"For the first time, we’re communicating directly with our end users and what’s more, they are giving us feedback. We’re building our brand and creating trust."

- Stefania Brentaroli

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