ViFX Uses HubSpot to Power Sales Team and Halve Its Sales Cycle

ViFX was using inbound marketing strategies to cultivate and nurture their leads. But it lacked the tools to help develop quality leads for the sales team in order to speed up the sales cycle and put ViFX on the map. That’s when they discovered HubSpot.


increase in site traffic year-over-year


increase in event attendance

About ViFX

ViFX are cloud infrastructure specialist consultants and engineers who deliver high-end architected virtualization, storage, ITSM and end-user computing solutions.

ViFX’s Disparate Tools Compromised Its Web Presence and Lengthened Its Sales Cycle

Simon Horrocks, marketing manager for ViFX, is a one-man operation in charge of marketing for an IT consultancy. Simon’s marketing activities primarily focused on nurturing lead prospects for ViFX’s hungry, results driven sales team. He was using inbound marketing techniques, such as blogging and social media, to build the ViFX brand and promote the company’s upcoming industry events; events were ViFX’s main source of lead generation. But the systems he used were time consuming, difficult to use, and did not provide a single view of the customer. This had a negative impact on the business by creating a long sales cycle of up to 18 months. “We were undertaking a range of inbound marketing activities, but they were disparate with information spread across various websites, the CRM and spreadsheets on my laptop,” he says. Simon was introduced to HubSpot by Demand Flow Intelligence, a demand generation agency which specialises in improving lead pipelines and lead-to-revenue conversion ratios for high-tech companies. From the initial demonstration, Simon was impressed. “I could see the value that HubSpot would have straight away. It brought all of my tool sets into one single view.”

“Particularly for a one person marketing department like mine, using HubSpot is like having a marketing team at your fingertips.”

Simon Horrocks

Marketing Manager


ViFX Uses HubSpot Tools to Improve Their Web Presence

ViFX needed a powerful online footprint to engage their customers and prospects. Simon crafted Landing Pages to promote upcoming events and wrote insightful industry blogs, along with industry experts as guest bloggers, all powered by HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools. He also used targeted email campaigns to follow up with customers based on their online interactions. “HubSpot gave me the ability to target segments more accurately with tailored messaging, thus increasing the probability people would attend.” Simon added that HubSpot also helped by providing useful little details, “like being able to quickly and easily target people who had not read the initial email without emailing those that had... and the Landing Page captured details and lead source so I knew which channels were performing.” Simon says that one year after implementing HubSpot their website analytics showed incredible results, with an increase in page views of 76%, a 26% increase in time on page and a 25% drop in bounce rate.

ViFX Reduces Its Sales Cycle Through Better Analytics

With HubSpot’s Analytics tools Simon could now track how prospects interacted with his content on the website, through social media or in email. He could see the direct correlation between a client’s first click on a landing page or first opened email, to what steps they took before getting in touch with the sales team or confirming attendance to an event. “One unexpected benefit is the sales intel (HubSpot) gives us. When our sales team are prospecting they have learned they should talk to (the marketing team) first. We then research the activity of prospects and build a good picture of the prospect’s interests,” says Simon. HubSpot’s Lead Management tool provides Simon with this insight. He can determine what emails or blogs a prospect has read and what topics they are interested in. He can then cross-reference that information with any events they may have attended and see if they have RSVP’d to a customer event.

“The marketing touches are now all stored in one central repository. This speeds up our very long sales cycle by knowing what prospects are doing and, crucially, what the prospect already knows about us”

Simon Horrocks

Marketing Manager


ViFX Launches Its Own Event With HubSpot

After the initial success with HubSpot, Simon used HubSpot’s tools to run a series of nationwide campaigns to launch an event to promote new ViFX infrastructure technology to the New Zealand market. With HubSpot’s Blogging, Email, and Social Media tools, he was able to blog about the subject, send out email invitations, manage social media promotions and handle the RSVP handling process - all from within HubSpot. Simon managed attendance by registering people via a Landing Page using smart fields. “We could even have special dietary requirements fields to reminds us if (an event attendee) is vegetarian.” Once registered, he could keep an eye on attendees’ activity; viewing which emails, blogs and content drew their attention and whether they downloaded post-event materials like PowerPoint slides. This activity helped generate intelligence for the sales team. “This (lead intelligence) allowed the Sales team to go after the most engaged prospects after an event and provided additional qualification for (sales leads).” From improving its online presence to managing a large industry event, ViFX has found HubSpot to truly be an all-in-one marketing platform.

“The Sales intelligence HubSpot supplies is absolutely invaluable.”

Simon Horrocks

Marketing Manager


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