ViSenze Brings Marketing and Sales Together with HubSpot

When Adelina Peltea joined ViSenze as Marketing Director, there was no marketing team in place and no inbound sales. Having used HubSpot in her previous role, Adelina immediately saw the value inbound marketing could bring to ViSenze and quickly purchased HubSpot. Thanks to the all-in-one nature of the product, the sales and marketing team are now on the same page and Adelina has complete visibility into the contribution her marketing team have on the business.

About ViSenze

ViSenze is an artificial intelligence company that develops advanced visual search and image recognition solutions to help businesses in eCommerce, mCommerce and online advertising. Using R&D in machine learning and computer vision technology, ViSenze can recommend visually similar items to online shoppers, either on e-comnmerce platforms when they browse or search by uploading a picture or on content publishers platforms like social media and video networks.

"In terms of results, we can actually check the contribution each part of our work is having on the higher business goals."

Adelina Peltea

Marketing Director


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