VisionWeb Increases Leads 49% with HubSpot

The marketing team at VisionWeb was spending too much time and money due to disjointed practices. They solved this problem by implementing and inbound marketing strategy and HubSpot software, which has helped them attract more prospects to their website, generate a steady lead pipeline, and establish VisionWeb as a thought leader in the eye care industry.


increase in organic traffic year-over-year


increase in lead generation year-over-year


decrease in email unsubscribes

VisionWeb Team

About VisionWeb

VisionWeb, a technology pioneer in the eyecare industry, aims to drive practice efficiency through the delivery of dynamic solutions, all available via the Internet. VisionWeb services are to the benefit of opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, optical manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, and payers alike. VisionWeb’s partners include some of the industry’s leading companies, including, Essilor of America and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


The VisionWeb marketing team wanted to create more educational content and follow an inbound marketing strategy, but they weren’t equipped to execute this properly. They were blogging, publishing eBooks and capturing leads online, but their process was manual and time-consuming.

As a part of their content strategy, they were using a Wordpress blog to publish industry and company related articles. But, because the blog wasn’t set up as a subdomain of their website, they weren’t getting SEO credit for their hard work and suffered from poor search engine rankings. This meant that their key audiences weren’t finding them online, and therefore weren’t familiar with the VisionWeb brand. 

This inefficient marketing process was further stressed due to a lack of automation and analytics. Once a lead was captured online, someone had to manually load it into their CRM system. Also, using so many disparate tools prevented them from measuring their efforts and proving the impact of their marketing efforts.

Altogether, the VisionWeb team was spending too much time creating marketing campaigns and wanted to improve their lead generation and sales pipeline. They decided to take a close look at their strategy to understand how they could better meet their goals.   

"We had adopted content but knew that we could take it to another level if we had the right tool, and the ability to do our jobs properly. HubSpot is that tool for us!"

Heather Smith

Director of Marketing


Getting On Board with HubSpot

Before using HubSpot’s software, the VisionWeb team had to rely on development resources to run email campaigns or create online offers. Also, they often hired external support to help with their SEO strategy and website optimization. They learned that HubSpot’s software incudes native features that could help them eliminate these costly resources. 

“Getting our employees on board with HubSpot was the easy part,” says Heather. 

The marketing team members all had encountered HubSpot along their quest for tips on content marketing, and thought “this company really gets it, let’s see what they have to offer.” Heather was able to easily sell the executive team on implementing HubSpot by giving them clear examples on how their investment in HubSpot would pay off.   

How VisionWeb Uses HubSpot to Generate Leads and Improve their Sales Pipeline

With the help of HubSpot’s tools, VisionWeb’s inbound marketing strategy is now very effective and a massive shift from anything their industry has seen. 

VisionWeb went from posting once a week on a single blog to posting around 5 times a week on two blogs.  With the Keyword and Blogging tools, Heather is confident that her blog posts and content are 100% properly optimized to get found by her target audience in search engine results.  “By using the keyword tool, we know exactly what people are searching for and how to best get our content to them, whether it’s on social media, the website or blog.” She measures the success of her blog posts by monitoring the Page Performance tool, which alerts her if the page title doesn’t include a keyword, the meta description is too long or if it’s missing a call-to-action. “You don’t have to be an SEO expert,” says Heather, “HubSpot’s tools walk you right through it.” As a result of their SEO and content efforts, VisionWeb went from only ranking on the first page of search results for a handful of branded keywords to earning first page ranking for 113 targeted keywords.
Heather and her team also use the integrated Social Media tools to quickly and easily publish their messages out across their social communities. The flexibility to bulk upload posts, schedule messages in advance, and then use analytics to measure performance are key to their social media strategy. 

They also engage with their audience through the use of HubSpot’s Smart Lists and Email tools. Using Smart Lists based on actions they want their prospects to take, VisionWeb is easily able to manage and segment their contacts for better, more personalized marketing communications.  

Some of their favorite features are A/B email and landing page testing and smart Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons. Smart CTAs allow them to automatically serve up a different offer to a contact who has already acted on a previous offer, ultimately moving people through their pipeline faster. They use HubSpot Analytics to quickly determine which CTA and web content is the most effective at driving conversions.

"Inbound is the way to go! Our team has accomplished so much from this tool. Marketing is our passion and we’ve got a steady stream of great ideas. But when given the right tools, we can execute with a good prediction of our success and then get quantitative data to support our efforts. You get measurable data, website optimization, resources and advice on how to constantly improve your marketing strategy, and best practice assurance for everything you do."

"HubSpot gives our in-house marketing team the ability to do so much that I can’t imagine running a successful marketing strategy without it!"

Heather Smith

Director of Marketing


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