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Founded in 2001, Webs initially concentrated on building websites for its B2B clients. However, as the agency developed, it wanted to do more to help them attract visitors and convert leads. It discovered the inbound methodology and realised that it was the perfect fit for its knowledge-rich customers. Webs joined the HubSpot Partner Program and is now generating 125 leads every month and has 25 customers on the HubSpot software.


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Based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Webs is a marketing and sales agency that helps its B2B clients to turn strategic objectives into digital solutions. As a HubSpot Partner, it uses the inbound methodology to transform websites into lead-generating machines, and its strategists, creatives and technologists combine over 200 years of industry experience.

Entering the Inbound Arena

Dutch agency Webs has been helping its clients to create websites and market their businesses since 2001. However, its founder and strategy director Camiel Freriks wanted to change its approach and start exploiting the online arena in a more effective way.

“First, we defined our market – B2B companies in the manufacturing industry. These are knowledge-driven businesses, but many of them weren’t  sharing that knowledge online. They are often missing out on opportunities to reach out to customers through knowledge, nurture them through the buying funnel and gain qualified leads and customers in the process.

Camiel realised that the point solutions the agency was using weren’t powerful enough to produce the results-driven marketing that it wanted to do. His lightbulb moment came when he discovered the inbound methodology. "It was perfect for our clients, who typically have long sales cycles and customers who need a lot of answers before making a purchase.”

Webs evaluated several automation platforms, including Marketo, Eloqua, Silverlight and the HubSpot software.

“We weren’t just looking for a system – we wanted to partner with a company that could help us reach our goals. HubSpot was on the same page as us in terms of our plans for company growth and managing internal change. The others just focussed on the software, and the software is nothing without the right strategy, support and community.”

The decision was made, and Webs signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program in 2014.

"As a HubSpot Partner, we bring all of our online activities together and create campaigns that generate a measurable ROI. We also do the same for our clients."

Camiel Freriks

Strategy Director and Founder


Convincing Clients With the Growth Stack

Webs began its transition to all-in inbound by using the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – on its own website.

“We spent a lot of time defining our own strategy and perfecting our own marketing, so that we could show clients just how successful the inbound methodology could be for them . First we defined our personas – the CEO, commercial director, sales manager and the marketing manager – and then created content to appeal to them. Today, 60% of our leads come in via our Blog,” explains Camiel.

The agency has set up Workflows to drive these leads down the funnel, and the agency’s inbound salesperson uses the Sales Pro software to nurture them through to sales qualification.

“The CRM automatically collects all the information we have on our prospects, from how they have interacted with us to the topics that they are interested in. We have also built two different CRM pipelines – one for our consultants and one for our new business reps – and each of them has a target.”

The consultants manage current clients to make sure that they remain happy and renew their contracts, while the new business reps are tasked with contacting new leads, making appointments and closing deals. With their respective pipelines in place, they can seize opportunities and identify problems before they happen, says Camiel.

"With the HubSpot growth stack, we’ve been able to concentrate on our strategy and close the loop between marketing and sales."

- Camiel Freriks

A Predictable Revenue Stream

Since joining the HubSpot Partner Program, Webs has been achieving great things; Camiel says that he noticed an upsurge in results within weeks. The agency now generates an average of 125 leads every month – a 50% increase. It has 25 customers on the HubSpot software and it has reached Platinum Tier Partner level.

“95% of our clients are on retainer, whereas before we had just 10% on contract. From a revenue perspective, it’s the best solution for growth. We used to do a lot of project work, but there were peaks and troughs and we couldn’t plan ahead. Now we have a steady, predictable income stream, and have boosted our revenue significantly.

Many of Webs’ clients are using the growth stack, which means that the agency can help them implement inbound in the most effective way.

“A lot of these companies haven’t been doing much in the digital space, and they are amazed by how quickly we can get them up and running. For example, one of our customers, Veco Precision Metal, operates worldwide but was only getting two to three qualified leads a month. Now it gets 30 sales-qualified leads every month and 20% of its total revenue comes through inbound.”

These kinds of results have become the agency’s calling card. Its customers appreciate that it can prove the ROI of its work, and they are willing to sign up for longer and larger contracts.

Webs’ long term goal is simple but powerful – it wants to be the biggest inbound agency for manufacturing companies in the Benelux region.

Camiel says, "We already run an annual event, The Digital Future of B2B, to help businesses learn how to maximise their online approach. Looking forward, we want run even more of these events and connect with a larger number of potential customers. We are also going to extend our reach by collaborating with other HubSpot Partner agencies in different countries around the world. We’re wholly convinced that inbound is the way forward for us  and our clients."

"As a HubSpot Partner, we’re getting repeatable, predictable business, and we’re helping our clients to do the same thing. It’s a win-win situation."

- Camiel Freriks

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