Sales and Marketing Success Story: Weidert Group

In the decades since they were founded, the Weidert Group found that the traditional marketing tactics they'd mastered simply weren't performing like they used to. They needed a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and reach greater revenue stability.


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Weidert Group Team

About Weidert Group

Since 1980, Weidert has been a full-service marketing agency which serves local, regional, national and international clients.

About Weidert Group

Since 1980, Weidert has been a full-service marketing agency which serves local, regional, national and international clients. They provide a full range of marketing strategy and communications services including creative and content development, marketing planning, public relations, advertising, research, media planning and buying, social media and web development. Weidert is a HubSpot Certified Partner agency, which provides inbound and demand generation services to their customers.

The team at Weidert is striving to meet several objectives in order to satisfy their business growth goals. They are working toward increasing their website's traffic, gaining more qualified leads, and in turn, generating greater revenue stability. The team decided that they would need to differentiate themselves better from their competitors in order to achieve these high goals. They wondered if there was a solution that could give Weidert the boost it needed to distinguish itself from its competitors.

How could Weidert differentiate itself from its competitors?

Before Weidert discovered the HubSpot software, they tried using their years of experience with traditional marketing tactics to separate themselves from their competitors. However, their traditional method of print ads, networking, PR, direct mailings, and non-offer related website pages were not working as well as they had experienced in the past. Potential clients were looking for more; they needed measurable results that would prove that the Weidert could help to grow their business.

Weidert knew that they needed a way to use analytics to clearly demonstrate to their clients that Weidert could get them the results they were looking for. They discovered that the HubSpot software could provide them with the tools necessary to take a more analytical approach to marketing. Weidert imagined the disadvantage they could have if one of their closest competitors became an inbound marketing agency and a Hubspot Value Added Reseller before them. They knew that it would be difficult for them to compete, so they needed to get there first. With a sense of urgency, Weidert jumped in the next day and became a HubSpot user and VAR! Using HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software they knew they could attract qualified prospects to their site and convert these prospects into leads.

Generating More Blog Traffic and Leads

Weidert was able to use the HubSpot software’s Marketing Analyticswhich provides them with nearly real time insights into which content offerings are working, and which are not, so they can tailor their content to match the needs of their prospects. This has especially helped with their blogging content creation. By using HubSpot’s Blog Platform, they have access to SEO tips while they are writing and instant analytics to help them create posts which resonate with the readers. Since joining HubSpot, their blog subscribers have increased by 500%.

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Incorporating Prospect and Lead Intelligence to Gain Information

By using the HubSpot software’s Prospect and Lead Intelligence Tools and CRM Integration, Weidert is able to gain the information they need in order to move a lead toward making a purchase. They have detailed information at their fingertips that helps them understand who is interested in their company. This creates opportunities for conversations with prospects. They can see who is visiting their site, even before a form is filled out. Through understanding how leads are navigating the site, Weidert can learn which aspects of their service the leads might be interested in and how they should best be nurtured.

Generating Leads Through CTAs and Landing Pages

Prior to using HubSpot, Weidert did not have the capability to create a CTA and landing page that could be integrated into their CRM. However, the HubSpot software’s Lead Generation Tools now make it easy for Weidert to do these things in minutes without a dedicated IT staff. They can now create different sophisticated landing pages and automated campaigns. This helps them keep prospects engaged with relevant content. As a result, Weidert has improved their conversion rates and generated more leads. Today, they have 15-22% landing page conversion rates and have experienced a 351% increase in leads in the past year.

Using Email to Move Leads Through the Sales Funnel

Using HubSpot’s Email Tool, Weidert can easily create and manage campaigns to move a lead through the sales cycle more quickly. Each email provides an opportunity to reengage prospects or convert them to a lead using the CTA. Through using HubSpot’s tools, it is easier for Weidert to deliver middle of the funnel information that keeps a lead in the sales cycle. They are able to observe the impetus which drives a lead to continue clicking through and moving towards becoming a customer. There has been a 341% increase in trafficto Weidert's website due to email in the past 11 months.

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